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Did you know stress is contagious?

Not in the literal medical sense, but it may as well be because of the ripple effect from person to person.

And the effect on small business owners can be personally and professionally devastating.

I don’t need to harp on about not sleeping, waking up in the middle of the night worrying or even more wrinkles appearing.

We know what stress feels like.

But, the question I’ve been asking small business owners recently is this:

“Are you prepared to continue feeling high levels of stress, or would you like to feel more like you again?”

The trend I’m seeing is people want more time, feel more relaxed, but want a more successful business, with more money in the bank too! The double edge causes them to work longer hours and feel more pressure.

If business is causing you pressure and stress, spending a little time on you before your business works wonders.

Here are 3 things you can do today to give you the instant boost and space to tackle the terrible tasks:

  1. Go outside!
    Spending time outside in nature reduces the stress hormone cortisol. If you’ve been feeling stressed for too long just a few minutes walk outside will start to lower your cortisol levels, giving you a respite.
  2. Do something you enjoy.
    Make time for you today. Even if your mind is screaming “I’ll do that when…” be firm, jot down the “I’ve got to do…” things and take a few minutes for you.
  3. Breathe.
    It is probably the oldest cliche and I know you know breathing is good for you. But focused breathing is the fastest way to reset the stress system. Try it for one minute. The longer, slower, deeper your breath, the calmer, more relaxed and more serene you’ll feel.

When you’ve given yourself the gift of reducing your feelings of stress you’ll discover the work tasks will be just that little bit easier, taking you less time to complete and creating the opportunity for the business growth your desire.

To discover the profound effects of relaxation contact me for business and personal strategies for thriving.