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Welcome to The Soulful Leaders Collective

This is your personal invitation to join an elite group of high performing women dedicated to leading their business, fulfilling their potential, leaving a legacy that counts… and wringing the greatest joy from life in the process. 

Lead your business with greater joy and profit.

The Soulful Leaders Collective

For entrepreneurial women leaders and business owners who are seeking to flourish at a soul and a business level

A unique opportunity to CONNECT, GROW, EXPLORE, THRIVE with some of the brightest minds and warmest hearts on the planet

“We are making an impact, leaving a legacy and joyfully being shining examples of a life well-lived”

"Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher” - Oprah Winfrey

What’s UNIQUE?

It is the leading space where business growth meets the pure simplicity of your soul.

Expect conversations in a Masterminding group that mix profit opportunities with soul resolutions, numbers with feelings, creating outcomes ahead of their happening, brain friendly, joyous, fun with serious intent of your business success.

Weaving together who we are, what we do and how we achieve our goals moment by moment through our lives.

It is a place where we map your evolving leadership journey and distill what it means to lead from the soul whilst bringing your business vision to fruition.

When you join Soulful Leaders Collective you will be joining a mind, business and soul trust where every person is deeply committed to growth, support and creating a sustainable future.

More than that. The women of the Soulful Leaders Collective see opportunities, your fullest potential and will let nothing less stand in your way.


Why Soulful Leaders Collective?

Women are naturally collaborative and connective. When we come together with a common purpose, someting magical happens.  Especially when coming together happens expansively across the globe or meeting in inspirational places.

The magic and expensiveness of the group happens with the right mix of people.  Of equal importance is who is NOT in the group.

The Soulful Leaders Collective is not for everyone.  Membership is extremely limited.

A Soulful Leader is by definition someone who is in, or stepping in to a leaders role.  Many women never even consider themselves to be a leader.  So as a solopreneur, small or large business owner you are probably leading.

A Soulful Leader has a vision and enthusiasm for life.  She shines brightly and elevates others.  She knows there is more to business success than profits.  She is experienced.  She brings valuable insights from her life and work.  She is connected to other purpose-led  and successful people.  She relishes collaboration.  She rarely asks for support, yet welcomes door-openers and power-connectors who are mutually invested in making a difference to life and work.

She gives abundantly, receives graciously and wants to see others succeed.

"Never doubt that a small group of throughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

The Soulful Leaders Collective is for business owners and leaders who…


➼ Want to know how to bring new style leadership into their business

➼ Want amazing achievements in business and live their life in balance

➼ Want to grow, learn and use their inner power to develop their career

➼ Want to see more human and humane organisations from a moral imperative and better business results

➼ Want to spend their time with a trusted group of like-minded, high-performing leaders

➼ Want to access their internal wisdom and translate into actionable business acumen

➼ Want to shine their brilliance and light into creating a better world

➼ Willing to take time to ground and connect with your inner self

➼ Want to know more about the role of soul in life and business

➼ Are successful.  Been there, done that and know what’s what

➼ Know taking taime away from “the office” is good leadership

➼ Are willing to be open, honest, vulnerable and incredible

➼ Have remarkable plans, but think it’s just the next step

➼ Want trusted counsel and confidential advice

➼ Want greater internal clarity and focus

➼ Want a place to be authentic

➼ Have a lot on their shoulders

➼ Are ambitious and bright

“The power of the collective is quite extraordinary. When you find the right mix, magic happens!" - Gail Biddulph

Privileges of Membership

More Than Mentoring Monthly Calls

Gail personally hosts group mentoring and shares deep and opening questions for you to ponder with purpose as you take your next growth steps.  They are a platform for bountiful energy, a place to celebrate your wins and seek support and guidance from both your mentor and other members in the Soulful Leaders Collective.  With the collective wisdom, connections and resources, there is no reason you will ever lose momentum, or be stuck on any problem big or small, business or personal.  These calls inspire momentum and achievement.

JV Club
Soulful Leaders Collective members enjoy complimentary access to the JV Club and Gail’s Little Black Book.  This is a deeply-nourished database of people seeking to work with joint venture partners who share similar values.  Gail and her team spend time with people and work to make the right introductions to the right people.  Think business dating agency for people who want to grow exponentially and quickly.  This is just one of many accelerated growth strategy that members receive. 

Vibrant Member’s Only Community

Hosted on WhatsApp, and private for each Collective cohort, this is a fast-access trusted space for your wins, challenges and questions on the go.

Ask for supplier recommendations.  Request introductions to JV partners.

The place for in the moment support to stay inspired.

Tailored Private One to One Monthly Coaching

Your business growth mirrors your personal growth.  Soulful Leaders Collective members value the opportunity to explore and work personally with a highly trained and experienced women’s effectiveness coach.  We work across multi-layers exploring areas of stuckness or stagnation in mind, soul and business.  You’ll receive accountability checks to the promises that you make to yourself.

Exclusive Invitations To Spectacular Destinations

These exclusive experiences are pivot points of the Soulful Leaders Collective and give you time out of your
business.  Enjoying much needed play and time to rethink what’s possible with a different energy and focus.  Develop deeper relationships with other powerful women as we explore landscapes and the world’s finest destinations.


Exclusive Content From Sought After Entrepreneurs
Soulful Leaders Collective regularly invite aligned entrepreneurs to contribute their knowledge and experience.  This is high level and unique perspective training that would either be unavailable to an individual or the charge would be thousands for the privilege.  

Privileges of membership:

  • Alignment of mindset, soulset and business results
  • Soulful Sales process to maximise marketing ROI and revenue generation within your business whilst keeping overheads under control
  • The overlooked key to achieving your goals and strategic objectives whilst still be true to who you really are
  • The Joy-Curve® which correlates cultural joy and rising profit and indicates where to place your attention to transform feelings of overwhelmed into strategic feelings of happiness and higher profits


  • All the interconnected topics that create the synergistic benefits of Soulful Leadership including soulful-growth, neuro-management, neuro-marketing, soulful-sales, optimised operations, personal well-being, optimising personal and cultural energy and all the soulful success skills you haven’t yet discovered
  • The steps to shift from Grind to Great
  • Sales and profit mapping at financial, cognitive and emotional levels
  • How to purposefully create the most beneficial emotions ahead of a situation, which optimises your ROI
  • Empowerment to rise from daily grind and grow to your purposeful greatness
  • How to apply ancient wisdom for 21st Century business success
  • More mental space
  • Greater internal clarity and focus
  • Targeted map of soulful focused attention on your business
  • How to have more “me-time” and still grow your business
  • Accountability
  • Mindset coaching and strategic connection
  • Respect, nurturing care and steps to soulful success

The Collective Is Not For You If You're

  • Not prepared to support other leaders
  • Looking for a chillout
  • Not prepared to let down your public facade
  • Not ambitious
  • Not wanting to create a better world
  • Don’t have great plans
  • Don’t want to shine

Why Soulful Leaders?

Leaders who think and act in a soulful manner inspire others to do the same and this is how we transform.

Leaders who are asking themselves the questions “what does my soul ask of me, or what is my purpose, or why me?” have moved into the second stage of life and are seeking to help more people and make the world a little better.

Soulful Leaders lead from the inside out and recognise that our nervous systems talk to each other.  They inspire empathetic interactions that changes the vibe of their organisation.

Soulful Leaders know when we live and work authentically, we create inner calm that is sensed by others which frees up energy from stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

Soulful leaders are the catalyst for positive changes and enhanced well-being, which leads to a more positive work atmosphere and o higher productivity, more creativity and higher revenue results.

The Soulful Leaders Collective has this question at its core: “what does my soul ask of me as a run my business?” and “how can we create souls at work?” Joining us you will be supported to live your life with soul meaning, abundance and joy, to have engaged people and a better business.  If this is the kind of life and business you are looking for, join our Soulful Leaders Collective.

Mapping Your Journey From Grind To Greatness

Too many amazing women are stuck, feeling stressed, overwhelm and GRINDING out results.  Their dreams scattered to the wind, as work is relentless and joyless. Feeling isolated and whirring thoughts of “what about me”.  Who is there to lift you and to share your authentic self against the oughts and shoulds of the business world?  

We’ve all been there, determined, but lonely.  If this is you – we’ve got you.

If your focus is on the GROWTH of your business, you are taking steps onward and upward.  Surrounding yourself with like-minded women who can support you and believe in you speeds up your journey.  Through practice, sharing ideas and implementation you will quickly grow. 

As you take the steps on the Journey of a Soulful Leader you will experience flow and ease.  When you are in the zone, your inner feelings turn to GRACE.  As you hear the voice of your inner wisdom your guidance is finely tuned. You will experience opportunities flowing to you and the pathways to abundance open majestically before you.  Stress melts away, the excitement is back.  You feel alive and living in the moment.

Knowing how to work in your new paradigm, you’ll experience GREATNESS.  You’ll appreciate your impact as you look beyond past limiting beliefs. Now is the time to transform, create your own rules, be a change-maker and a trail-blazer, to embrace and express your soul’s yearning in the most joyful, powerful and impactful way for you, your business and your life.

Membership is limited to a select number of individuals worldwide. Membership is available for renewal annually by invitation only.

About Gail Biddulph

Gail works to legitimise the role of our inner world in businesses.  She makes it OK to simultaneously shine light on joy, impact and profits.  She empowers the purpose and possibilities of leaders to unleash their courage and claim their place making maximum impact in their organisation.

She led a visionary team developing human-centric, high performance at a sustainable scale in businesses.

She is a natural-born leader, a student of human potential and embodies transformation from stuckness to greatness.  She creates optimal energy and internal states for achieving goals and success.   She has two decades of business and leadership experience, has setup, grown and sold 4 of her own businesses and mentors purpose driven leaders who want to achieve more in a new way.

Her clients range from Global Law Firms, Professional Service Providers, Manufacturers, Automotive Sector, as well as Entrepreneurs and Not For Profit Leaders.

What Other Leaders Are Saying About Gail

“Gail constantly impresses me with her knowledge & experience. But whilst knowledge can be learned and experiences acquired, attitude and personality are part of a person that makes them unique. This is what sets Gail apart from others. Always professional but with a beautiful calming approach that looks deep into the individual to explore the root causes of behaviours.
I highly recommend Gail if you want to explore how to help you and your people thrive”

Business Owner, Construction Sector

“Gail Biddulph is one of the best transformational business-focused self-mastery guru’s I’ve had the privilege to work with.  Her level of genuine care and intuitive understanding of the life, situation and needs of her clients is in a class of its own.  I highly recommend Gail to any fellow business leader who wishes to embark on a journey of self-discovery whilst keeping their business highly successful.”

Business Owner, Agriculture Sector

“Gail has a natural warmth, calmness and elegant professionalism and that is easy to connect with.  Her unique approach helps business owners understand that success is more than just strategy. We live in a time where it is possible to have it all – more time, more money and more clients. Gail’s ‘dive deep’ techniques blend purpose, passion and profit into a whole realism of what this vision means to you.”

Visionary Leader, Health & Wellbeing Sector

Feel Well. Lead Well. Live Well.