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How many times over the past few weeks have you heard people say… when this is all over; when we get back to life as it used to be; when we get back…

Let me be upfront here… there is no going back – it’s impossible.

Yet politicians have said it and you’ve probably heard friends, business people say it too – it’s become the new in phrase.  Simple fact is we can’t go back.

There is no going back.

Going back is against every law of the Universe ever created.  It’s against physics, time and space.  Just as you can’t reverse your age, you can’t rewind the clock.

Even if you could rewind the clock to before lockdown your environment, life and business still wouldn’t be the same because WE are not the same.

Our experience, our thoughts, our words and meaning of life have changed.

I wonder whether our way of working will change?  Perhaps we will offer our employees a balance of working from home and in an office.  Perhaps we will also consider how we commute and our work and travel relationship.  Perhaps as business leaders we will truly care for our employees, our clients and everyone in our supply chain.

Stop kidding yourself because every single person will be profoundly changed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As time in lockdown lengthens people will experience change at a deeper, more profound level.  Now really is time for change.

So, my question for you, is this:

What do you want your new normal, your new business, your new world to be like?

Your life?

Your business?

Nope, you can’t go back.  The past has gone.  Now is the time to create your new future.

How would you like your community to be?  Your interactions with people?  How do you want to play your part in the world?

It’s something I’m thinking a lot about.

I don’t want to go back to the old ways.  I don’t want the frenetic pace of consumption, shallow words, taking our world for granted.  I don’t want nature ignored, our wisdom dismissed, and our tomorrows taken for granted.

How about you?

What’s changed for you during lockdown – it’s only been a few life changing weeks.

What changes do you want to take into your future when lockdown lifts?

What did you think you couldn’t live without, but have discovered it really wasn’t important?

For a moment, think about it.  Grab the opportunity and think about YOUR life.  We have all been given a gift of an opportunity to stop, take stock of what you really want and to re-shape a better, more sustainable world.

Change starts on the inside and works its way out.  You may have heard that a million times, now is the time to think about it and feel it – you have the time.

Big change start with one tiny thought, one little feeling, and one tentative step taken by all of us.

Maybe one of the things you want to come out of lockdown is your business transformation.  Fancy having a streamlined, efficient, even more profitable business where people are a joy to work with?  My unlimited business transformation mentoring is open and ready to support you, why not get a head start and start transforming your business from the inside out.