I help extraordinary people

achieve "their impossible" goals

I am an expert at taking high-achieving entrepreneurial leaders to their greatest level of success.  I've developed a sixth sense for identifying overlooked opportunities.  Coupled with extensive practical experience of growing businesses I demonstrate how small, deep and powerful changes add massive value to the sales process, reduces people's stress levels and takes the culture to never experiences highs to make remarkable people running extraordinary business.


As a lifelong student of business, human behaviour and well-being I have extensively researched this question:  “How can tiny shifts and continuous improvement create huge changes in results and achievement?”


I am a Business Psychologist and accelerated business growth consultant.  I occupy the space of business systems, knowledge mastery, well being psychology and mindset with a focus on continuous improvement.  In short I understand people and processes.


Scientific research reveals only a 0.1% difference in the genetic make-up of all humans.  So, at the level of high-performing entrepreneurs and their business success it is the very tiniest of shifts in thinking, personal well-being performance and processes that play a significant role in distinguishing the highest achievers.


Making these tiny shifts, which I call Tiny Tweaks, in personal energy, well-being, perspective and business operations create significant results for entrepreneurial leaders who have already laid their foundations for success and are ready to expand their impact and grow.


A high-performer myself, I know there is always a better way – personally and in business.  So I find it, I study it and I refine it.  I experiment on myself.  I continually improve – one small step at a time.  I lead from the front, never suggesting anything that hasn’t been scientifically proven.  I study, read and research.  I explore broad topics searching for the smallest advancement, I apply the knowledge and share with my clients.  I invest a huge amount of my time, money and energy in continuous personal and professional improvement.


But, my deepest truth is that during my corporate and early entrepreneurial life, I knew I viewed the business world differently.  I knew I saw different solutions to longstanding problems.  I knew an easier way to achieve the desired results.  I knew the results and success came from thoughtfully combining several facets of specialism.  However, I respected the people holding a higher rank and for many years I kept my thoughts to myself.


Well, eventually, it turned out that my thinking and solutions were taken seriously and my holistic approach which includes enhancing well-being, critical thinking, mastery of continuous improvement and my understanding of deep human psychology and behaviour became my gift in working with high performing business men and women.  You see, I am exceptionally gifted at pinpointing improvements in business processes.  I spot where a feeling, an unease or uncertainty of personal thinking is holding back progress.  I feel where a body unease prevents the necessary focus and I reveal the hidden operational, marketing or business opportunities even when people can’t see them for themselves.


My clients are good at what they do and often don't see themselves as an expert, they're passionate, powerful and are making a difference in our world, yet growing to take the next step still feels like an extraordinary huge leap.


People become my clients because of my holistic approach to business and people.  I quickly grasp the uniqueness of a person or organisation, see the next steps, release the hidden and overlooked profit opportunities, package expertise effectively, capture the imagination of target markets and deliver exponential growth to the business.


Now, I help remarkable people find their hidden opportunities and achieve what looks impossible to them.


If this sounds like you, let’s talk and explore if working together is a good fit.

Here's my official bio, written in the third person so I feel like less of a geek:

Gail is a dynamic consultant, mentor, facilitator and learning and development expert who helps her clients reach their full potential, creating a thriving business by improving business and personal effectiveness through increased self and business awareness, optimisation and balanced purpose.

Gail, draws upon her twenty years as a woman in business.  Key leadership roles and being an adviser to executives and entrepreneurs has taught her skills to navigate and succeed in our fast changing, complex world.

Before working as a consultant, Gail spent most of her career in key leadership and strategic board level roles in legal services, insurance, material handling and wellbeing sectors.   She worked with senior executives and their teams on change management transforming business and embracing emerging opportunities.  

Gail combines her qualifications in business psychology, experience of business change and IT with her training and certification in personal well-being and mind-body disciplines.  By taking a systematised and holistic approach to business transformation she delivers cost effective cultural change, re-engineers business processes and deliver exponential business growth - from a different perspective.  

Gail Biddulph runs a leadership consultancy for independent business leaders, based in the UK.  Her methodology is deep, transformational coaching, consultancy and training.  Personalised and bespoke.  Not formulaic.  Not time-based.


Successful business people, running independent, specialist businesses – people you would assume don’t need support – are the ones who call Gail.  Her clients include lawyers, accountants, well-being consultants, artists and an eclectic mix of interesting people.


Her big picture is to show people how to maximise every opportunity, attract clients, have fun, work less, achieve more and reduce work-related stress.

Written by Gail...

“Business Building for Solicitors” an accredited MBA level Work Based Learning management and leadership program. The action and solution based business skills development course was SRA accredited for CPD and recommended by Business Link and Welsh Development Agency.

Gail has written countless white papers on business transformation and a couple of books too.

The first One Woman, Two Wheels, 3989 Miles is the 22 life and business lessons I learned from my charity round Britain solo motorcycle ride.

The lessons I learned about creating clear objectives, developing a robust process to deliver with precision and executing with focus hold true today with every business client I work with.   Without this process I would not have been able to attract nationwide event PR from 277 publications, pre-plan 139 independent witnesses nationwide, raise a significant sum of money for charity, ride solo and unsupported for 3989 miles around the coast of Great Britain with no satnav, no mobile phone, yet no wrong turns. 

The second How Your Brain Is Blocking Your Business & What You Can Do About It focuses to the core aspect of people at work.  You'll discover what really stops good businesses becoming great.

I wrote it from my perspective of my formal study of business psychology and subsequent years of experience of improving business outcomes.  When you discover a very simple truth you'll instantly recognise the real reason why business projects stall and what you can do to get things back on track.

The Last Word...

I speak often and write regularly about how to make the most out of everything you've got and the hidden opportunities of taking your business from good to great. 

If you would like to discuss without obligation and in complete confidence about how I can help you and your business, please contact me.