I help extraordinary people

achieve "their impossible" goals

My superpower is digging deep and finding the root cause of what's getting in the way of a business performing at its highest and best level.  And, alongside looking at the business I'm really working with people, uncovering their best assets, thoughts, ideas and different ways of working, thinking and feeling.


When you get to know me, you'll discover I enjoy creating the limelight for others, preferring instead to work behind the scenes.  But, I also realise that for us to work together you need to feel confident I'll deliver solutions for you based on my experience.

I love taking the operational performance improvement weight off my clients shoulders.  Seeing them once again thrive as they move from worry to the light bulb moment when they realise they feel different and get giddy with excitement as they know they can now achieve what they set out to achieve.


Unlike most consultants or even outsourcing specialists, I draw on a background of running my own business, business psychology and accelerated growth strategies.  I have over 20 years strategic level, organisational, operational and leadership experience.


I specialise in improving operational performance and organisation development primarily focused on "Excellence", creating high performing teams, client service excellence and highly profitable businesses where people are happy at work.  I work extensively with business leaders forensically examining business processes and confidentially exploring their ideas, anxieties and finding new supportive ways forward.


I have set up, managed and sold my own businesses and consulted and worked with remarkable business leaders.  I have set up and developed a niche outsourcing association and know the power and freedom correct outsourcing can bring to a business.


I have travelled internationally working with clients and giving keynote presentations on diverse business and personal development topics.  Often bringing into play that ultimately there is only one action, one task, one thought and one feeling that is currently hampering the growth of a business.  I weave together aspects of business performance, leadership, emotional and spiritual intelligence (EQ and SQ).  I have immersed myself in aspects of neuroscience that are applicable to a business and now consider sustainability in all its guises as I work with business leaders pre-empting problems in critical areas including mental health and client satisfaction.


I bring together seemingly disparate aspects of business to support Managing Directors, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and ambitious startups.  Freed from constraints they experience shifts in their business they never thought possible.


I know from personal experience both as law firm Director and Managing Director that life at the top can be lonely.   Now, one of my roles is Confidante and I work shoulder to shoulder exploring the best strategies to deliver the results my clients are striving for.


A Holistic Experience

I have travelled a fascinating journey.


My natural way of improving a business is to deconstruct and reconstruct every touch point of a business process, a client journey, a sales process and that means exploring people and processes to pinpoint improvement opportunities, which I study and refine.


I am able to do that based on a broad and eclectic education.   My consultancy clients are from a diverse range of sectors - from equestrian to law firms, and accountants to yoga schools.  I have worked with natural health and high tech, automotive and outdoor pursuits.


I have been fortunate to work directly with ambitious private and corporate teams eager to improve and have seen the transformations that have taken place.


My clients are experts in their field.  They are passionate, powerful and are making a difference in our world.  They take more on their shoulders and try to do the impossible.  They continue to grow, yet taking the next step always feels like an extraordinary leap of faith.

Written by Gail...


I created “Business Building for Solicitors” an accredited MBA level Work Based Learning management and leadership program. The action and solution based business skills development course was SRA accredited for CPD and recommended by Business Link and Welsh Development Agency.


I've written countless white papers on business transformation and a couple of books too.


The first One Woman, Two Wheels, 3989 Miles is the 22 life and business lessons I learned from my charity round Britain solo motorcycle ride.


The lessons I learned about creating clear objectives, developing a robust process to deliver with precision and executing with focus hold true today with every client I work with.   Without this process I would not have been able to attract nationwide event PR from 277 publications, pre-plan 139 independent witnesses nationwide, raise a significant sum of money for charity, ride solo and unsupported for 3989 miles around the coast of Great Britain with no satnav, no mobile phone, yet no wrong turns. 

The second "How Your Brain Is Blocking Your Business & What You Can Do About" (I'm not one for catchy titles!) focuses to the core aspect of people at work.  You'll discover what really stops good businesses becoming great.


I wrote it from my perspective of my formal study of business psychology and subsequent years of experience of improving business outcomes.  It's purposefully practical in everyday language.  When you discover a very simple truth you'll instantly recognise the real reason why business projects stall and what you can do to get things back on track.

The Last Word...

I speak often and write regularly about how to make the most out of everything you've got, improving operational performance and the hidden opportunities of taking your business from good to great. 

If you would like to discuss without obligation and in complete confidence about how myself and my team can help you and your business, please contact me.