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It is time to forget the commonly held notion that quality is made on the factory floor, in service delivery or at the point of sale.

It isn’t.

That is thinking from the “old ways” and it doesn’t work as we transit into our “new normal” age of business, life and being.

Today the mainstream press reports that businesses are experiencing unprecedented pressures.  Let’s remember that “business” really means “people”.

Businesses do not exist without people – it is people feeling pressure from the demands of other people.

Many people have, over recent years been exposed to the unsustainable cheaper, faster model.  Now is the time to reset, rethink and re-evaluate what your clients want and how you can deliver a highly efficient, effective service that will exceed all their expectations.

First class, highly efficient operations are essential for the delivery of a consistent product or service.

Maintaining and further improving high quality product and service delivery is a strategic responsibility.  Quality is made in the boardroom.

Identification of the level of quality for a company’s appropriate marketplace requires either innovation or improvement.

A lot of people believe that quality levels can be improved by improving a process, however client complaints, increasing costs because of low productivity or correcting mistakes is not the responsibility of operations, it is within the remit of senior management.

Experience Better Results

When the need for change is strategically recognised organisational transformation takes place with the results of higher market share, higher client satisfaction, higher more consistent service delivery, higher productivity levels and higher profits.

The first step to creating a rapid chain reaction of organisational transformation is first by exploring personal transformation.

When the business owner, CEO, Managing Partner, Managing Director and senior executives recognise the need for change and adjust their perspective they perceive different ways and new meanings to life and business.  This change, however subtle ripples first through The Boardroom and then cascades through to employees.

Pervasive feelings of newfound hope and optimism remove the crippling feelings of fear.  People need new, clear, decisive leadership.

Now is the perfect time for The Board to plan for strategic quality improvement leading to happier people, improved morale, less stress and a healthier bottom line.

Looking for help on how to improve your business results, create a safe, supportive environment for staff returning to work after Covid-19 lockdown or to create a sustainable growth strategy for your business?  If you would like to discuss without obligation and in confidence how I can help you, please contact Gail.