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Unlock your brain's hidden power and be healthier, calmer and achieve more than ever before!
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There is nothing new about your brain...

But, what is new is how I unravel an age-old mystery and show you how to access your brain’s hidden power to your advantage. 

Our brains are hardwired with information that hasn’t changed in thousands of years. When we are faced with specific triggers or potential change, we are inclined to react predictably.  

Imagine being able to use this age-old way to improve your wellbeing, your productivity your business results or achieve any goal you set your heart on.  It’s so simple, that you’ll wonder why you haven’t tapped into this incredible power or understanding of “being human” for so long. 

So come along with me and my clients on this remarkable journey into the world of human-led, healthier, wealthier success.  

Get out of your funk and into flow...

Do you sometimes feel stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed? 

Do you feel you’re working hard, but keep going around in circles and not getting anywhere?

Do you layer on more stuff to do, but nothing seems to work?  

If you want to make stress a thing of the past, improve health conditions, and more easily achieve success in every area of your life, then read on and discover how the oldest part of your brain is subconsciously controlling you! 

Changing hearts, minds and business brains

Do you really understand how your brain blocks your health and success?

Do you really know how to communicate with your brain and effortlessly change your state so you are happier, healthier and have more abundance and flow in your life?

In short, it is impossible on every level – human and business – for someone who is unhappy to consistently deliver high levels of productivity or customer satisfaction.

If people feel frustrated and high performance is the company goal, then we need to turn the emotions dial to the frequency that matches the desired level of performance.  

You see, your brain needs sequences and systems that are sustainable.  The oldest part of your brain also needs to know (via neurochemicals) that you and your brilliant mind are in control.  If you’re in a funk, your brain sends alarm signals and stops you in your tracks.  

Big picture is a scary place for you brain.  So, think specific behaviours, specific emotions and specific outcomes that lead you towards your big picture destination – subtle, but powerful change.    

To keep your brain happy change from the inside out works best.  

So whether you are surviving or driving towards thriving here is an example map of emotions and typical business results.  The question is how do you feel enthusiastic, happy or joyful when you are worried?  I’ll show you how.  

We are all the same, yet we are all different

We are all human, yet each one of us is different. 

We all exist thanks to how we feel.  And, every business exists thanks to how people feel, think and act at work.  

By using a unique inside-out approach, individuals, and businesses small or large can improve results and improve mental health, wellbeing, happiness and engagement.

I work on three separate levels – personal coaching, small business mentoring and corporate consulting.  

Human-led solutions deliver triple-bottom-line results improving economic, environmental and human performance

Personal Coaching

Feeling exhausted or overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or not sleeping ?  Is hormonal change taking its toll?  Chronic condition sapping your energy?  Discover how to solve all these symptoms and more so you can be the best version of you.

Small Business

Struggling to improve performance, improve mental health and keep profits high? Does your team have motivational or productivity challenges.  Sandwich generation responsibilities affecting your working hours available?


Are you losing productivity because you don’t know how the brain works?  Managing large numbers of people amplifies problems.  Discover brain-based, human-led turnaround strategies that are natural, sustainable and deliver bottom line results.  


What Others Say

Your out-of-the-box thinking has taken my mindset and business to a whole new level.

During our strategy meeting you created a robust 12-week plan for my business that is achievable and just plain ingenious.

You really took the time to understand what my business is about and where I want to take it.

Your ability to take every detail into account and address every perceivable challenge was both refreshing and commendable.

I have been reaping the rewards of your insightful knowledge within a week, a testament to your incredible skills.

Laura Meredith

Director, Ryedaura

Gail Biddulph is a powerhouse of professionalism who has a most impressive track record of results and achievements. She backs that up with a competent, confident and capable presence.

She has provided me with some perfectly timed and targeted interventions to support the growth of my own business.  

Her stance on clarity has helped me re target and refocus my efforts that has contributed to doubling the international side of my business.

I can’t speak highly enough of Gail and so it is without reservation that I highly recommend her to people who have the courage to change.

Michael Tipper

International Speaker & Publisher

I have known Gail for many years and she constantly impresses with her knowledge & experience. But whilst knowledge can be learned and experiences acquired, attitude and personality are part of a person that makes them unique. This is what sets Gail apart from others. Always professional but with a beautiful calming approach that looks deep into the individual to explore the root causes of behaviours.

I highly recommend Gail if you want to explore how to help you and your people thrive.

Denise Durband

Director, Speedwell Roofing & Construction

May I take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for us over the last few years.

There is no doubt that you have added considerable value to our organisation and your expertise has helped considerably in taking forward the management of our legal expenses.


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