Helping Leaders Thrive in Work and Life

Thriving is the untapped power for leading through chaos,
complexity and change in business, life and our world.


Creating and developing conditions for leaders to thrive.  

We do this through transformative leadership coaching and science-backed wellbeing expertise to empower leaders to become outstanding role models.

In an often time-pressured, stress-filled world aspiring and accomplished leaders can grow and thrive using Thriving Leadership. 

Thriving goes beyond surviving.  Beyond resilience.

Thriving is more than bouncing back.  

We thrive when we create the bounce forward and breakthrough to something new.  

We thrive when we use uncertainty to innovate and transform. 

Hello there!

I am Gail Biddulph and I have dedicated the last 22 years of my life to the field of inner excellence and training leaders to deliver extraordinary performance.

A core principle, as well as an incredibly effective tool is personal wellbeing.  It is the key thing we can do for ourselves to take control of our own health and wealth. 

Adopting a thriving mentality we find and fix the root cause of problems – and that delivers transformational results. 

As a Business Psychologist and systems thinking analyst, I also hold post-graduate level qualifications in mind mastery, meditation, yoga and various nutrition and wellbeing modalities.  Over two decades I have developed tools, strategies and practical protocols to help leaders recalibrate, transform and thrive on every level.

Helping leaders create sustainable,

high-performance organisations

through the power of



Work With Me

We can work together in a way to suit your current needs. 

My laser coaching s very popular with leaders and supports them to achieve their personal wellbeing goals, refocuses their mind and help them achieve their goals.  

I work with leaders and companies to find and fix the patterns that are getting in the way of thriving excellence, improve director wellbeing, leadership and company culture. 

I work with leaders to optimise the ROI on wellbeing spend.  

If you have wellbeing challenges or you would love to build on your existng practices, we can work 1-to-1 in my wellbeing studio, or you could work with me online. My goal is to empower you to develop inner excellence, thrive and be unstoppable. 

I deliver seminars and workshops and I am an experienced spokesperson for integated evidence-based wellbeing solutions for inner excellence and thriving at work.   

To discover more about the ways that we can work together, feel free to get in touch with any questions!

“Using the intelligence of humans thriving gets the best work done.  Gail Biddulph


What Others Say

Gail has the innate ability to create a robust business strategy to future-proof your company. And then, crucially, a roadmap to implementation.

Her approach is unique, refreshing and extremely practical – getting to the crux of what your business is capable of and the opportunities available in this impossibly fast-moving digital age.

Dru Global

I have known Gail for many years and she constantly impresses with her knowledge & experience. But whilst knowledge can be learned and experiences acquired, attitude and personality are part of a person that makes them unique. This is what sets Gail apart from others. Always professional but with a beautiful calming approach that looks deep into the individual to explore the root causes of behaviours.

I highly recommend Gail if you want to explore how to help you and your people thrive.

Denise Durband

Director, Speedwell Roofing & Construction

ail Biddulph is a powerhouse of professionalism who has a most impressive track record of results and achievements. She backs that up with a competent, confident and capable presence.

She has provided me with some perfectly timed and targeted interventions to support the growth of my own business.  

Her stance on clarity has helped me re target and refocus my efforts that has contributed to doubling the international side of my business.

I can’t speak highly enough of Gail and so it is without reservation that I highly recommend her to people who have the courage to change.

Michael Tipper

International Speaker & Publisher

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