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Life and health is everything that truly matters

Most of us underestimate the impact well-being has on our lives and business results.

Gail Biddulph brings her unique methodology based on the premise that our most profound gains happen in unexpected moments, places, and situations many steps away from the problem we face.

Power your body and business from within

Leaders embracing self-discovery and self-mastery reap rewards far beyond the monetary gains. 

Forensically examining the gap between where we are now and the desired outcome, we purposefully create cellular-level changes and deliver transformative results.  

"You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”


Why has nobody shown me the true value of being well?

Don’t wait for your people to break or burnout, your profits to stagnate, before you become well-being-savvy.  

♦ Are employees taking time off sick?

♦ Have your managers noticed productivity dropping? 

♦ Do you have a root cause well-being framework or guidance document?

♦ Are your well-being costs spiraling yet your mental health first-aider is overwhelmed?  

♦ Do you proactively create the emotion to match your business outcome ahead of the outcome?

The good thing is you don’t have to burn out or quit your job to flourish and thrive.

Life is too precious to function on fumes. 

It’s time to live well and work well. 

Culture & Strategy

Bringing well-being integration awareness and transformational conversation into The Boardroom creates a highly profitable business where people are well.  


Leader's Well-being

Prioritising leaders well-being enables them to demonstrate what success looks like. 

Maintaining mental, emotional and physical well-being is essential for inspiring employees to take positive action. 

Education & Awareness

Educate managers to be aware and quickly identify the symptoms of poor well-being, how to solve the root cause problem and move to a proactive, cost-effective and sustainable well-being culture.

My Approach

As humans, we flourish and thrive when we are happy and healthy.

In the workplace, we see the effects of sub-optimal performance on personal health and business wealth.  

Taking a proactive approach to the balance and maintenance of mental, emotional and physical health, as well as optimising business performance gives the best chance of thriving.


Curious & Want More Information

Considering the business and well-being needs can be challenging and there are lots of things to consider including: 

Will we receive a professional and reliable service?

Will the conversation and training be relevant to our business?

Can we be assured we will receive exactly what we want that will solve our problem?

Will we receive value for money? 

With over 25 years experience of improving people’s well-being at work and simultaneously improving business results, the answer is a resounding “YES”. 

Every organisation is unique, with different people and challenges.  The service delivery is tailored to you and your organisation.  The best next step is to get in touch for a confidential, no-obligation conversation.  

We cannot live well unless we work well...

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Growing up in a successful family owned business, we are taught not to talk about our business, our life or money.  We give generously to local society and to charities and people expect us not to have personal or professional challenges. But, this is so untrue.

We are like everyone else, with feelings and the same life challenges. We are sensitive, we get hurt and we have both business and relationship issues too. However, because of our public façade, we keep our difficulties hidden.  It is not healthy and with hindsight I wish I had been introduced to Gail many years ago. I left my first session with a totally different perspective on clarity, transformation, business growth and the hidden depths of our human psyche and the tremendous power we all have deep inside.


3rd Generation Business Owner