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Are you up for the challenge?

I believe anything is possible.  Together we can turn your possibilities into reality.

People are like onions...

Knowing which layer of the onion needs support and understanding the interplay of the layers enables people, leaders and businesses to achieve personal growth, sustainable high performance and their success.

Take the holistic approach to accelerating business growth, with less stress

Our inner world has a profound effect on our life and business results.  Understanding it, enables fast track, sustainable success.  

Gail’s work is tailored to your individual needs.  At the heart of every business challenge is a human frailty.  Finding the root cause for stunted business growth improves personal health as well as business wealth. 

Why Work With Me?

Simply put, I help people thrive.

Tailored programmes of personal and professional coaching, mentoring and training delivered in a practical, pragmatic way enables you to quickly become self-sufficient and continue to be well and live well.

Getting clarity on goals and creating a roadmap to achieve is essential.  The road map is a practical step-by-step guide that uniquely creates the right feelings for success.  

I’ve created this level of clarity and success for myself numerous times over 30 years and for my clients for over 25 years and this is what I will do for you too. 

We flourish and thrive when we are happy and healthy.  It is a natural law. 

In the workplace, we see the effects of unhappy people through sub-optimal performance which impacts personal health and business wealth.


We cannot live well unless we work well... We cannot work well unless we are well

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Growing up in a successful family owned business, we are taught not to talk about our business, our life or money.  We give generously to local society and to charities and people expect us not to have personal or professional challenges. But, this is so untrue.

We are like everyone else, with feelings and the same life challenges. We are sensitive, we get hurt and we have both business and relationship issues too. However, because of our public façade, we keep our difficulties hidden.  It is not healthy and with hindsight I wish I had been introduced to Gail many years ago. I left my first session with a totally different perspective on clarity, transformation, business growth and the hidden depths of our human psyche and the tremendous power we all have deep inside.


3rd Generation Business Owner