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Why Me? 

I specialise in unlocking untapped revenue opportunities, harnessing the enormous potential of the business brain and deconstructing complex topics.  Which is why the complexity of answering “why do business owners leave vast amounts of money for their competitors to pick up?” was a worthy challenge.

Here you’ll discover the answer…


Focused Revenue Generation

The key to successful business growth is understanding the sequence the brain follows when faced with different situations.

Aligning your business goals and growth tactics with your brain is key to unlocking your revenue potential.


wellbeing & mindset

Positive well-being in business relies on a healthy human psyche, happy brain & clear thinking.


revenue acceleration

Create predictable revenue from a rich stream of untapped potential fulfilling clients unmet needs.

expertise & innovation

Personal expertise drives growth.  Innovation enables delivery.


People power performance.  The magic ingredient for your business success.

Harness Your Power potential

Discover a unique, practical approach

“Gail has the innate ability to understand a company’s culture deeply in order to leverage its best assets and minimise the risks. It gives her the edge when it comes to on-boarding a diverse multi-tiered team otherwise, as we know, even the best strategies can end up on the shelf. Gail can help you create a robust business strategy to future-proof your company. And then, crucially, a roadmap to implementation.

Her approach is unique, refreshing and extremely practical – getting to the crux of what your business is capable of and the opportunities available in this impossibly fast-moving digital age.

International School of Dru Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda

Change that matters

Leading your business into a new era requires adopting brain friendly business strategies, overcoming uncertainty, driving revenue and nurturing people to regenerate business well-being.


Ready to increase revenue & reduce stress? 

I’ve delivered over £100m of additional revenue for businesses using my brain friendly strategies.

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