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When you know who your perfect client is, your business can be jam packed full of fun and profits.

And, the simple fact of business is that you are a problem solver.  So, all we have to do is find the biggest problem your potential clients want solving.

You see, that’s the key word… “wants”.  Too many business people focus on what they think their client “needs”.  They think they have to compete on price.  They start trying to beat the latest offer of their competitors and in the end somebody has to back down.

Trading on price is dangerous and pointless.  Because, if people are happy with their current service provider, they are not looking for anything your business is offering.  The price does not matter.

People only seek out somebody else when they are dissatisfied and when they have a problem.  And, typically when the problem is big enough they will pay good money to have an expert solve it for them.

And there is the key to growing your business…

Focus on People who are Dissatisfied and Unhappy

Spend time and immerse yourself in people’s problems.  Listen to their moans and groans.  And find out just how unhappy people are with their current service provider.

Then, take time to consider how your service, your skills and experience help solve their problems.

People are usually the most motivated to buy when they are totally and completely fed up and when they are unhappy.  For those people you can make the biggest difference.  You will become their hero and saviour!

So, seek out the unhappy people who are ready to be rescued and ready to take action.

And when you’re ready to take action to grow your business to the next level, you know I’m here for you.