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I pondered the description.

And, it’s true.

According to neuroscience research it may be those chemical charges that are responsible for the feelings of stuckness many people feel about their business.

If your “To Do” list is longer today than it was yesterday there may be chemically charged, toxic beliefs swirling round inside you.  It’s beliefs, feelings and emotions that stop you making the progress you’d hoped for and most definitely not lack of ability.

The real reason you’re not taking the right actions and living the life of your dreams is because your brain doesn’t feel you’re serious about your success.

More courses to accumulate more information will not make a jot of difference to your bottom line until you discover how to identify the one thing that’s stopping you.

And, believe it or not, neuroscience reveals there is only ever one thing that’s stopping your next step.

There are a gazillion and one excuses (sorry reasons!) stopping you from achieving your goals, but only one person is responsible for moving from meaningless activities towards creating a successful business and living on a different level.  And that’s YOU.

When it’s time to get the clients you really want and earn the money you desire, use these two questions.  They cut through pesky toxic beliefs.  You’ll start feeling the effects of the helpful brain chemicals.  Your mindset and heartset will realign and you’ll find it easier to move forward.

The first question is very simple, yet uncompromisingly revealing.


I don’t mean why is it simple and revealing.  The question is why?

Why drills down through the layers of symptoms to finally reveal the underlying cause.  Once you’re there you can deal with it once and for all!

The second one, is What?

What creates the counterintuitive position and gets your creative juices flowing.

Working Why and What together gives you the opportunity to play belief detective and find out what’s really stopping you moving forward.

Need a helping hand to get unstuck?  Contact me and let’s get you moving forward again.  Contact Gail