Stressed, Frazzled & Wondering... Why It's Not Working?

Thrivology Coaching

Fusion of practical mental, physical and business coaching for ambitious leaders and business owners who want to reach the next level and thrive.  

Discover how to amplify the ripple effect – feel better, think better, perform better. 

Reduce stress, improve focus, improve productivity,  improve market share, improve profits.  Together we will fix the root cause of blocks holding you back so you can thrive. 

Boardroom to Boardwalk

At the heart of Thrivolovy is our green and serene strategy walk where noticing the good things in nature meets creative problem solving, strategic blue sky thinking and brainstorming. Let nature be at the heart of your business growth story.

Take advantage of cognitive development, reprogram your brain and exploit the connections that exist between our brains and our feet, whilst mindfully noticing and bringing benefits to mental health alertness, energy and positivity for healthier leadership and strategic growth.

Wellbeing Tuneup

Create a happier, healthier more productive workforce where people are feeling good and functioning well.  

The programme is underpinned by scientific research and improvements include improved resilience to stress, emotional wellbeing and reduction in sickness absence days. 

The Wellbeing Tuneup is a 6 week programme that delivers thriving on every level.  

Thrivology Consultancy

Done for you service that finds and fixes the root cause of sub-optimal people and business performance. 

Make rapid progress to improve productivity, customer service, market share whilst simultaneously improving employee mental health, engagement, productivity and brand reputation. 

Limited opportunities are available for my evidence-based personal consultancy.

I empower leaders to dissolve any blocks and create a thriving business where high performance, innovation and transformation are the norm. 

Since 2002 I have helped thousands of leaders blast through blocks and limitations so they and their businesses thrive easily achieving the next level of growth and success.  

My clients discover the keys to improving wellbeing as I empower people to feel better, think better and perform better, delivering human-led commercial results that simultaneously improve operational performance. 

Transform you, your business and employees with my private, personalised coaching where you will be empowered to implement a framework of thriving in your business that integrates science-backed, evidence-based wellbeing with proven operational performance improvement strategies for measurably improved business results.  

Thriving is like no other approach that keeps the “body in mind at work”, delivering enhanced mental, physical and business performance.  Personal wellbeing, mindset and business productivity are inextricably linked with client experience, market share and profitability delivering unstoppable success and thriving.

Evolve your leadership, empower your people and thrive. 


What Others Say

Gail has the innate ability to create a robust business strategy to future-proof your company. And then, crucially, a roadmap to implementation.

Her approach is unique, refreshing and extremely practical – getting to the crux of what your business is capable of and the opportunities available in this impossibly fast-moving digital age.

Dru Global

I have known Gail for many years and she constantly impresses with her knowledge & experience. But whilst knowledge can be learned and experiences acquired, attitude and personality are part of a person that makes them unique. This is what sets Gail apart from others. Always professional but with a beautiful calming approach that looks deep into the individual to explore the root causes of behaviours.

I highly recommend Gail if you want to explore how to help you and your people thrive.

Denise Durband

Director, Speedwell Roofing & Construction

Gail Biddulph is a powerhouse of professionalism who has a most impressive track record of results and achievements. She backs that up with a competent, confident and capable presence.

She has provided me with some perfectly timed and targeted interventions to support the growth of my own business.  

Her stance on clarity has helped me re target and refocus my efforts that has contributed to doubling the international side of my business.

I can’t speak highly enough of Gail and so it is without reservation that I highly recommend her to people who have the courage to change.

Michael Tipper

International Speaker & Publisher

May I take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for us over the last few years.

There is no doubt that you have added considerable value to our organisation and your expertise has helped considerably in taking forward the management of our legal expenses.

CEO NU Insurance

We cannot live well unless we work well and we cannot work well unless we live well.