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A client asked me why she didn’t have enough time even though she was working hard and doing the smart things.
Here’s what I said to her…
Working hard is not the answer.
Hard work gives you a hard life.
Yet it’s what we’ve grown up knowing.  From early school years we’re told to study hard.  At the start of the first job we’re told work hard.  We’re even told to play hard.
Eventually the sound of “work hard” buries itself deep in our psyche. We believe working hard takes us on the route to success.
Yet, looking st the most successful men and women, they do things differently.
Of course they are always achieving and getting good results.
Yet when they work it is with passion for what they do.
They keep their knowledge and skills up to date and study with joy and curiosity for what they are about to discover.
They play with freedom and fun, just like they did as a child.
The answer to creating a successful business is more simple than most people imagine…
Stop working so hard and taking life so seriously. Love what you do and let other people see your enthusiasm.  If you don’t love what you do, learn to love it or change and do something else.  You’ll soon discover business and life will be more enjoyable and more rewarding.