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I was at the Coventry and Warwick Advanced Motorcyclists gathering speaking at my last UK delivery of my “More Than a Travellers Tale” before I take it over the pond to the USA.

At the end of the session, which was very well received, Nick Lilley nabbed me for a quick photograph just as I was moisturising my lips!  He turned that round brilliantly, as you will see in his comments…

“Gail Biddulph entertained us after the break with her adventures circumnavigating mainland UK in aid of the Roy Castle Cause for Hope Charity.  Her route, defined by the Guinness Book of Records, covered some 3989 miles.  A story of determination, wrestling triumph from the abyss of adversity.  One of her smaller problems being the bailing out of sponsors Honda shortly before the off.  Fortunately diminuitive Gail gained the support of BMW at the last moment and by the end of the ride was more than a match for her stagnant green F650.  She believes one’s aspiration should be to ‘plan your next goal now’ and her secrets to achieving that goal are ‘clarity, planning and execution’.  Keep an eye open for her book due out shortly and titled ‘1 woman, 2 wheels, 3989 miles’ – If I remember correctly.

Gail is the only person I have photographed at the Jag who insisted on renewing her makeup before the photo was taken.  She has set the standard; I expect no less of future subjects.”