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“What do you do?” That’s a fairly straightforward question isn’t it?

Well, I hear all sorts of answers! And typically people answer with who they are and not what they do!  “I’m an accountant,” or “I’m a solicitor”, or “I’m a test pilot”!

Those responses are your job title, it doesn’t tell me what you do for your clients or what you could possibly do for me!  Do I need your services?  I can only make that decision when I know what problems you solve.

And, the thing is, if you can’t say what you do, your marketing isn’t going to be as effective, which means you’re wasting some of your hard earned cash!

A long time ago I heard a marketing person describing how prospective clients view the potential providers services.  He said people don’t want a 1/4″ drill bit, they want a 1/4″ hole.  I’ve since discovered that was originally said by a Harvard Business School Professor, Theodore Levitt.  And, yes I agree with Theodore, but I take the concept one step further…

People don’t want a 1/4″ drill bit or a 1/4″ hole.  They want their picture hanging on the wall.

They don’t want to know about the feature (the drill bit) or the benefit (the hole), they actually want the emotional experience and the feeling (the picture hanging on the wall).

Here’s the quickest and easiest way to get to the true benefit of what you really do for your client:

Make a list of the features for each service you provide

After each feature ask yourself “So what?  A different phrase to say to get to what the real benefit is “what does that mean to my client?” or even “what problem am I solving ?”

When you discover what you really do, use the benefits on your web site, when you’re at networking events and even in your literature.

This is really important, because… and sorry to be the bearer of bad news here… people really don’t care about you.  They are permanently tuned in to their favourite radio station WIIFM which is What’s In It For Me?


The lesson here is to be bold, be brave and shout about the benefits you give to your clients.

If you want help fathoming out what you really do, let me know because two heads are often quicker than one.  I’ll help you really get to the bottom of the real benefits your clients get from working with you.  You can arrange your time with me here.