Leaders Wellbeing

go beyond wellbeing and thrive

Thriving Leaders are at the heart of every successful company.   

We can’t live well unless we work well and we can’t work well unless we live well.

When we unlock human potential we unlock business potential.  

We systematically use the power of inner excellence, mind mastery, movement and enhanced wellbeing so leaders thrive, transform and deliver extraordinary performance.

Rebalancing mind, body and spirit elevates feelings and emotions



Private, small groups and workshops designed specifically for quietening the busy executive mind and being alert to thinking. Combining ancient wisdom and neuroscience gives the mind the calm focus it craves. 

All meditation experiences are designed to refocus your mind and use meditation as a tool to help you get even better results at work. 

Whether you are curious and new to meditation or have an established practice discover the benefits of taking a pause and melting stress away. 


Private, small groups and workshops focused on the therapeutic aspects of yoga for leaders.

The ancient art of yoga has long been renowned for its health benefits and can help reduce stress, improve sleep, strengthen your body, improve your energy and even your happiness.

Rooted in traditional yoga we practice to bring to balance mind, body and spirit supporting leaders to get even better results at work.  

Ancient Yoga Massage

A natural whole-body aproach to healing.  Ancient Yoga massage is a mind-body-spirit practice incorporating yoga-like stretches, meditation, Ayurveda with soft tissue manipulation techniques with roots in Yoga and Ayurveda to achieve a state of ultimate relaxation.  

In this ancient tradition dating back 2,500 years it is recognized that every body is different and every moment is different, meaning no two massages are ever exactly the same. This traditional healing modality is a comprehensive full-body treatment that works to relieve muscular tension, improve circulation, boost your immune system and rebalance your body energetically. 

The massage moves from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers to the top of your head – Ancient Yoga Massage leaves no stone unturned!  Intuitive and powerful massage therapy, combining acupressure, gentle stretching and applied yoga.  Performed fully clothed on a firm floor mattress and following the traditional lineage dating back 2,500 years hands, feet and elbows are used to apply pressure to acupressure points along the energy lines in combination with Yoga-based stretches. The pressure, applied in a flowing and rhythmical way, feels wonderful to receive.  The full massage session lasts two or more hours, however, the massage can be adapted to suit the receiver.

Overall, the effects can be profound since the aim is to balance the whole energy system of the body and supports integral leadership.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep as it is commonly known, is a powerful meditation technique.  As the practitioner rests comfortably in the corpse pose (savasana), this systematic meditation takes you through the five layers of your mind and self (pancha maya kosha), leaving you with a sense of wholeness.

Yoga Nidra promotes deep rest and relaxation.  The stages of body scan and breath awareness alone can be practiced to calm the nervous system, leading to less stress and better health.

Yoga Nidra can serve as a pathway to freedom, feeling “awake” (Moksha) and thriving.  Working with your mind as the chief architect of your life we include the power of intent with “Sankalpa” to go beyond resolutions. 


Healing to thrive takes time and so does building new habits.

Whether you would like to retreat for a day, a weekend or longer my specialist leader retreats are designed to equip you with everything you need to improve your wellbeing from the inside and out.

Covering everything on your journey from stress and sleep to imposter syndrome, low esteem, the public mask to  calm, confident thriving.  Your retreat is all about you and nurturing a holistic approach to leader wellbeing. 

You can have a private retreat which can include reconnecting to and walking in nature, meditation, therapeutic massage and coaching so you’ll leave rejuvenated.  You will be treated to healthy and delicious mood-boosting, food.  Day retreats are in Cheshire, with weekend retreats in Snowdonia, North Wales.  Our annual week luxury retreats are the ultimate escape for thriving leaders. 


My Approach

All private sessions are tailored to your personal needs and begin and end with a therapeutic consultation.

During every session we assess your recent life and work events that may have unbalanced your body or emotions.

All private sessions are a minimum of 2 hours which gives your mind and body the time for rejuvenation.  During our time together I promise not to interrupt – this is a rare luxury for leaders.


A private, dedicated space overlooking Cheshire countryside, yet just a few minutes drive from Chester City. 

Short retreats take place in Snowdonia.

Longer retreats are handpicked giving space to escape.


As a young child I was taught how to focus, breathe, meditate and practice yoga.  I thought it was normal – I quickly learned I was in the minority.
Subsequently I have continued my life-long practice and have studied meditation with British School of Meditation, British School of Yoga, Buddhist Monks and Tibetan Masters.  Most recently studying Meditation Mastery Teacher (180 hours) with the highly acclaimed team at Dru Global School of Meditation, Yoga & Ayuveda and subsequently an Advanced Practitioners Diploma delving even deeper into the science of consciousness.  
Qualified in Ancient Yoga Massage from accredited teacher of the Healing Hands Centre, Kathmandu which included functioning of your physical, energetic and emotional body to promote healing.  Energy Healing including Ancient Reiki Master.  Sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls.  Dynamic meditations to raise the consciousness.  Cleansing of the physical and energetic bodies. 
Qualified to Master level in various ancient healing modalities which have been gathered from various traditions. With this unique synergy of techniques, I promote an evidence-based, scientific approach to helping people thrive.

How to Book

Booking is essential and all clients receive an initial telephone consultation to make sure the “fit” is right.  Click the Book Your Consultation link below to arrange your initial complimentary 20 minutes consultation.

Helping leaders thrive

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