Walking Talking Business


If your business life feels hard and progress is slow, take time away to walk and talk in nature creating your future growth and success.


The Benefits of Nature to Your Business

Outside in the open air and nature your mind, body and brain see things from a different perspective.

Away from your normal pressures, creativity is stimulated, flows naturally and new ideas for growth are born.

A new focus on important aspects of your business energetically emerges.

Being in the open air makes talking and thinking about your future business growth much easier.


The Curious Body Brain Business Connection

After a few minutes walking in nature, your brain releases feel good endorphins and your mind settles away from "monkey-mind-thinking" to steady, creativity allowing focus on your business.

When your feet are walking, your mind is thinking naturally.

When walking with an experienced guide who knows how to optimise your experience and support the creation of the next phase of your business growth you will find planning easier and you will feel clearer and certain of your future.


Reset, Reconnect, Recharge

Walking and talking in nature is the time to let go of what has been unproductively consuming your time.


Releasing the "ought" and "should" of the desk bound business world, you can create what you really want.  Breathing naturally deeper creates the time to slow your mind, so you can clearly see what you really want for you and your business.


Unique and Powerful Business Mentoring

We walk and we talk and we solve your business problems in the exact way your brain likes.

Walking outside immersed in nature, green spaces, by the sea, breathing in ozone is proven to release endorphins and decrease stress levels.  With each step you take new brain connections are made clearing the way for you to see your business opportunities from a different perspective.