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Ready to beat all the odds &
Lead Out Of Lockdown?


Do you need a more powerful growth engine to ensure your company does not miss opportunities? 

I’m working with companies sharing proven strategies from previous recessions and challenging trading conditions, tailoring to current personal and company situations to capitalise on recovery, build back better and create a thriving future.  

Imagine what would change if you could adopt proven, sustainable techniques to lead your business into a new era of growth, think more clearly, operate more predictably, and scale your business faster and more profitably.

Leading your company into a new era requires an energised vision of what could be.  But, with no roadmap or rule book and the very real, dynamically changing landscape of technology, life and people can make leaders sometimes feel running a business is getting harder and overcoming challenges more difficult than anticipated.   

Creating safety, trust and direction for your team at the same time as keeping clients happy, generating revenue and planning for the future can feel like a frustrating, vicious circle.  You feel as if you take 3 steps forward, then 2 or 3 steps back.  It’s as if there is no end in sight and you’re juggling too many balls… it’s only a matter of time before they start to fall and you’re too exhausted to pick them up and keep going.  

Buried deep inside, you know there is a way to make it work and become re-energised by your vision of what it could be like, but how?

Join me and my Lead Out Of Lockdown Program and tap into more than 20 years of personal experience and success of helping small, mid and large-market company leaders beat the odds and scale and thrive.  

Be prepared to be totally supported, guided and take step by step actions that move you forward, take your leadership to the next level, empower your team, accelerate your business growth and step into the success to which you aspire!

    Lead Out Of Lockdown Is For…

    People navigating these times on their own: 

    • Business Owners
    • Leaders
    • Directors
    • Managers
    • Experts
    • Consultants
    • Entrepreneurs

    You Will Discover…

    Together Is Better.

    • How to optimise untapped revenue opportunities and grow at zero capital cost
    • How to use the dynamic connection between well-being and wealth to grow your business
    • Strategies to operate more time and cost efficiently
    • How to achieve any personal goals and strategic objectives on time, every time
    • How to stop micro-managing & empower your team to problem solve more innovatively and independently
    • Proven techniques to think more clearly
    • How to confidently build a diverse and profitable team
    • How to stop doing everything yourself and know it’ll be done how you want
    • And a lot more to solve your current business challenges…

    You Will Receive…

    Unlimited laser coaching and mentoring support for 12 months, tailored to solve your biggest challenges.

    • Unlimited laser mentoring support for ONE FULL YEAR
    • Unlimited zoom or telephone support
    • Problem solving and how to get over the hurdles
    • Providing experienced, to rethink business, upskill people, resiliently improve business performance and simultaneously improve well-being
    • Recordings of all our sessions building a valuable resource of business expertise
    • I’ll share my most relevant and proven strategies so you achieve your business growth goals
    • I’ll provide you with relevant templates to save you time
    • Access to my Little Black Book of other experts
    • Clarity and Confidence to overcome uncertainty and achieve your business growth goals for the next 12 months… and beyond. 

    What Others Say About My Unlimited Laser Mentoring

    Gail Biddulph is a powerhouse of professionalism who has a most impressive track record of results and achievements.

    She has provided me with some perfectly timed and targeted interventions to support the growth of my own business.

    Her stance on clarity has helped me re target and refocus my efforts that has contributed to doubling the international side of my business.

    Michael Tipper

    International Speaks & Publisher

    Having access to Gail on the phone has been invaluable. The support, experience, knowledge and perspective that Gail brings to the table has pushed me and my business further in a short period of time than I could ever have hoped for working on my own.

    There are so many layers to what Gail offers but they all work to help you be the best you, both professionally and personally. I highly recommend finding out what she does for yourself as you won’t be disappointed.

    Heulwyn Roberts


    Gail coached, mentored and gave me valuable training to position my expert witness drafting services to my ideal clients.

    As an experienced solicitor I am technically competent and my clients derive great value from my services.

    My impossible challenge was finding time to fit in everything I wanted to do, make enough money and enjoy my family time.

    Gail worked with me to create a simple, but powerful way to confidently reach my ideal solicitor clients and have guilt free time with my family.

    If you wonder how you can have a thriving business and enjoy life, Gail can help and show you how.

    Mike Stevenson


    How Unlimited Laser Mentoring Works

    Step 1 – Contact Gail

    Simply Contact Gail and Register for Unlimited Laser Mentoring for ONE FULL YEAR.

    Registration is easy and you are protected by my 100% Money Back Guarantee which says that if during your first call you don’t feel like this is exactly what you need to get the results you want your money will be immediately refunded.

    Step 2 – Schedule Your First Session

    Your first session is 60 minutes and on that call we will identify precisely what you’d like to achieve and outline strategies.  We will agree your first action so you can make immediate progress.  At the end of each call you will receive a recording of your session, confirmation of your action assignment and a link to schedule your next call.

    Step 3 – Take Action and Schedule Your Next Call!

    Your action assignment is the homework we agree on.  You will know exactly what action to take.  When you’ve completed your actions, you can schedule your next 20 minute laser mentoring call.  The actions are always bite-sized and some clients complete their actions and schedule their next call the very same day – this really is unlimited support. 

    The focus of laser mentoring is to create momentum and purpose to confidently lead you and your business out of lockdown.

    Lead Out Of Lockdown

    12 Months Unlimited Laser Mentoring

    Regular Price is £2997

    For March 2021 only

    Limited Places at £997 + VAT

    LEGAL STUFF: Your privacy is very important.  Your contact information will never be shared with with any third party that isn’t working directly with us. Your information will never be rented or sold. Any income claims shared by us are believed to be true and accurate, but are not verified.  Concepts and strategies shared in this and any email communication from us are ideas that have worked for us or people we trust. They are not specific advice for your business. You should always make your own decision and always use your own judgment before implementing anything in your own business.  You are responsible for your own particular situation.