Business Breakthrough

Private Business Mentoring


With Unlimited Business Mentoring you will get ONE FULL YEAR of Laser Mentoring telephone calls with me, Gail designed to support as you take steps growing your business from the inside out.

The time you receive is truly UNLIMITED for 12 months working to achieving one business goal.

There is only one rule:

Complete our agreed actions before you schedule your next call.   The rule is in place to really help you take tiny weeny little steps of transformation and growth.

Your agreed tasks are purposefully bite-sized.  You'll know exactly what to do because we will have talked through each step.  This is all the benefits of me working in your business, but you take action.  Come clients move so quickly they book calls daily - and that's wonderful because they are growing and transforming.

With over 20 years experience of working with clients transforming business, I show you previously hidden opportunities for growth.  

Your success will be multi-faceted - we'll accelerate the GROWTH of your business, releasing hidden REVENUE opportunities.  We'll REDUCE stress and task overwhelm and IMPROVE your well being as we release your business potential.

Clear Mind

Grow Revenue

Achieve Goals

How It Works

Step 1

Simply Contact Gail and Register for Unlimited Business Mentoring Program for ONE FULL YEAR.

Registration is easy and you are protected by my 100% Money Back Guarantee which says that if during your first call you don't feel like this is exactly what you need to get the results you want your money will be immediately refunded.

Step 2

Schedule Your First Mentoring Session.

Your first session is 60 minutes and on that call we will identify precisely what you'd like to achieve and outline strategies.  We will agree your first action so you can make immediate progress.  At the end of each call you will receive a recording of your session, confirmation of your action assignment and a link to schedule your next call.

Step 3

Do Your Action and Schedule Your Next Call!

Your action assignment is the homework we agree on.  You will know exactly what action to take.  And when you've completed your actions, you can schedule your next 20 minute laser mentoring call.  The actions are always bite-sized and some clients complete their actions and schedule their next call the very same day.  The focus of laser mentoring is to create momentum and purpose for rapid change and success.

I first had a strategic business planning session where Gail took my seemingly disparate ideas, turned them upside down and fitted them into a mind-bendingly obvious funnel.  I walked away with a plan that would see me well into the future and expanded my perception on what I could achieve in that time.

I then took up the Get It Done Unlimited Mentoring. Having access to Gail on the phone has been invaluable. The support, experience, knowledge and perspective that Gail brings to the table has pushed me and my business further in a short period of time than I could ever have hoped for working on my own.

There are so many layers to what Gail offers but they all work to help you be the best you, both professionally and personally. I highly recommend finding out what she does for yourself as you won’t be disappointed.

Heulwyn Roberts via LinkedIn

In the first 20 minutes she had untangled my brain!  Within 30 minutes she showed me a path I could travel down.  After 40 minutes Gail gave me a daily structure.  And by the end of an hour she gave me hope that "my business" would work and give me a good income.

By the end of the meeting she'd given me a six month plan that blew my mind and got me so excited!  Finally I could see how I could earn exactly what I wanted to earn, working the hours I wanted to work and look after "me" too!

I'm so excited and can't wait to live my future.

Ruth Dee, Manchester

LEGAL STUFF: Your privacy is very important.  Your contact information will never be shared with with any third party that isn't working directly with us. Your information will never be rented or sold. Any income claims shared by us are believed to be true and accurate, but are not verified.  Concepts and strategies shared in this and any email communication from us are ideas that have worked for us or people we trust. They are not specific advice for your business. You should always make your own decision and always use your own judgment before implementing anything in your own business.  You are responsible for your own particular situation.