Thriving & Optimal High Performance Training

Thriving & Optimal High Performance Training 

Gail’s knowledge and experience in thriving and optimal performance make her an expert in integrating thriving at work.  

Gail’s signature talk inspires audiences and demystifies the often overlooked link of integrating wellbeing into business operations for sustainable, optimal high performance.  

All sessions are interactive and engaging.  Never a boring lecture, instead a sharing of relatable, real-life scenarios.

Workshops and training sessions are provided in-person, on-line or on-foot from Boardroom to Boardwalk.  

I provide general sessions on topics from Dealing with Overwhelm, Stress or Burnout, The Emotions of Productivity to how to Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation or even Introducing Effective Walking Meetings.  Sessions provide either a strategic or practical perspective on how to integrate sustainable wellbeing.  Sessions are also available on the direct link between how people feel and client satisfaction.  

Bespoke sessions tailored to individual businesses on topics specifically requested can include how to merge two cultures when businesses merge, how to Do It All – change hearts and minds, be mindful of client excellence, the environment and make a profit!

I am regularly asked for sessions on employee engagement and management which provides a structure for benchmarking and improvement and is a great session for your Leadership and Management teams to attend. 



Mind, Mood and Client Service Excellence

Client service excellence is delivered by happy, healthy, engaged employees who effectively communicate and deliver solutions. 

This practical workshop guides you through the visible and invisible business and people processes so everyone in your company can deliver the same high standard of client service.  

During the session you will discover: 

1 The link between emotions, thoughts and service delivery.

2  How, in a practical, business focused way to “spiral-up” emotions to the optimal level without. 

3  How to engage all employees.

4  The KPI’s to use to measure employee engagement and client satisfaction.  

This workshop is bespoke to you and your business and works through real-life scenarios in a practical way delivering insights and answers for you to integrate into your day-to-day processes.   

You will leave knowing exactly how to implement what you’ve discovered in the workshop.  And more importantly, you’ll know the first step to take and the neuroscience hacks to ensure the project is successful.  

If you know your business can improve even more and you care about your people, contact Gail directly to discuss your workshop.  

Who Should Attend: Forward thinking, growth focused Business owners, Directors, HR professionals or managers with responsibility for staff, client service excellence or improving operational performance.

People who recognise that health and wellbeing is the number one strategic consideration for most organisations but haven’t yet implemented their sustainable wellbeing strategy created to improve hearts, mind and the business bottom line.  

Included: This personalised workshop includes initial consultation, analysis, preparation and workshop delivery.

When: Choose your own date.   

Time: 10am – 4pm

Cost: from £1500 + VAT 

Location: Delivered at a location of your choice.  This workshop is personalised to you and your business. 

Building & Managing an Effective Team

Employee engagement has never been more important. Ambitious, forward thinking business leaders know that people are pivotal to a growing, profitable business. 

Does your business have the tools or knowledge to integrate the changes to improve all aspects of people management to retain key employees and attract new talent?  Are your wellbeing and business improvement processes agile enough to support your people and drive your business forward?

Join us on this innovative, practical and effective course to change hearts and minds, as well as the face of your workplace to increase performance and profitability.

During the session you will discover: 

1. Tools to measure, manage and build an engaging workplace culture

2. How to increase performance to maximise profitability

3. How to create a wellbeing friendly culture that improves mental and physical health

4. How to balance health, well-being and work

5. How to integrate sustainable wellbeing that focuses on ROI and deliverables

6. How to improve client service and simultaneously improve employee wellbeing  

7. Creating a 6 month strategy to increase engagement and profitability. 

Who Should Attend: Business owners, Directors, HR professionals or managers with responsibility for staff.

When: Contact me for next date 

Time: 10am – 4pm

Cost: £100 + VAT per person

Location: Workshop can be delivered in-person, on-line or on-foot.  Private workshops can be delivered or please enquire for the next public workshop. 

Thrive! Optimal Performance System 

Thrive! Optimal Performance System (TOPS) enables people to do their best work, teams to consistently deliver superb results and organisations to be unstoppable.   

TOPS enables continuous improvement on every level:

  • People-centric business results
  • Optimisation of your business systems and people’s wellbeing
  • Performance improvement across every area of the business    

Who Should Attend: Business owners, Directors, or managers with responsibility for improving people and business results.

When: Contact me for availability 

Time: 10am – 4pm

Cost: POA 

Location: Private, bespoke workshop delivered in-person, on-line or on-foot.  

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