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A quick tongue in cheek look at the disengaged employee who is not prepared to put in effort to succeed, they don’t like going to work and they are unlikely to recommend any products or services.

Symptoms and behaviours may include laziness, unhappiness, disruptiveness, poor productivity.  Yet these are only symptoms of a bigger problem that affects employee performance.  The deeper the problem, then re-engagement may be costly and impossible.

1  Don’t share your vision and purpose with employees

Keep employees in the dark and don’t share your vision for your business.  After all, people don’t need to know where they fit in to the bigger picture!  They’ll do their best to guess what they should be doing to get the job done just the way you and your managers want, but typically they’ll guess wrong, they’ll feel tired and become even more unproductive.

2  Ask for employees opinion, then ignore their suggestion

The business owner knows best!  Employees are there to “do as they are told”.  They become unthinking.  When a brave business owner takes the step to ask employees for their opinions perhaps in annual appraisal or feedback, or even a “suggestion box” the feelings of value, appreciation and inclusion soar.  Disregarding those suggestions, perhaps even good ideas for improvement demotivates and lowers morale to the lowest possible ebb.

3  Say you care and show you don’t care

Actions speak louder than words.  When actions demonstrate the business owner or manager is self serving and doesn’t care about how employees feel then feelings of distrust grow.  Negative and destructive, emotions grow.  Confidence plummets and employees feel disempowered.  Incongruent words and actions are the quickest way to destroy an engaged employee.

Genuinely uncaring, unthinking, self serving business owners would always guess where the problems lie in their business.  They would never consider taking the brave step to engage employees, improve their productivity and profitability.  The choice is always theirs.

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