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Time For Thought

Here we are on 7 December and I’m hearing lots of people say they’ve drawn a line under 2018.
They are ready for turkey and tinsel time!

And then there’s…

People who know they are:

  • Ready to change
  • Excited about improvement
  • Open to different ways

They are enjoying the festive fun and quietly planning how their business will support their hopes and dreams in 2019.

Ready for bigger and better success?

You and I know successful businesses are a reflection of successful people who think successful thoughts.

Well, I’ve been digging

As part of what I’m doing for business owners in 2019, I’ve been digging

And that’s taken me to buried treasure.

I’d like to share a wonderful little article first written in the 1940’s. It’s simple and very powerful.

If you’ve read it, you’ll know the power hidden in the words and I’d encourage you to take a few minutes and immerse yourself once again in the wisdom.

If The Common Denominator of Success is new to you, you’re in for a treat. Every page is stuffed full unearthing practical ways to think about success.

I’ve transcribed it for you and you can access it with this link:

The Common Denominator of Success

Each page is crammed full of words of wisdom, each as relevant as it was when Albert E N Gray first put pen to paper.

Let me know which is most relevant for you.