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The mad scramble is well underway to buy Christmas presents and all the indulgent food for the party season.  And yet somehow we’ve still got to try and reach the lofty business goals we set ourselves nearly 12 months ago.

If you ask me, the pressure on everyone at this time of year is monumental.  And that pressure seems 10 fold for business owners!

And… somewhere in amongst all the festivities social media posts are bombarding us to “do more”.

There comes a point when it’s physically and mentally impossible to “do more”. The wheels won’t spin any more. The real answer is to consider the vital few activities that deliver the greatest benefit to you and your business.

Just for a moment, stop and breathe. Forget the “oughts” and “shoulds”.  Take stock and consider your business activities that really made a big difference to the success and growth of your business.

Other people seem to forget business owners are so much more than business people – we too are human!

And as a business human there are even more layers of complexity to our lives.  It seems life is not about being successful in business, but  about being a successful person.

So when I absolutely must stay in the business success zone and deliver in the shortest possible, I still hang on to being human.  And here are the 3 areas I focus on:

  1. Improve my Personal Productivity and effectiveness so I can get more of the right things done in less time.
  2. Work through my 7 Millionaire Mindset strategies so I train my mind to think like a serially successful soul.
  3. Focus on the vital few Business Basics which are the activities that deliver more than 80% of my success.

And that’s my focus for success.

And at this time of year, it means I still have time for the occasional mince pie too!

When you need help to find your focus, deliver the success you deserve and still stay human, you can call on me to help cut through the chaos of your mind.  We’ll quickly get to the root of which strategies will deliver the biggest results for you and set you on your path to success.  Discover more here