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Sometimes running a business can feel like you are fighting your competitors for every person who passes by your window.

And that window is larger now than it ever has been.  Whether you’ve got a physical presence in your town or whether you’ve got a virtual presence on the worldwider interweb.

There are a lot of people looking at what you and your competitors have got to offer them.

So when you’re pondering how to keep your shop windows clean and shiny to attract more clients, consider this…

Did you start your business with the intention of feast and famine of work and rollercoaster income?

And do you shudder when you think of all the clients who squabble over your invoices, pay late and still want even more from you?

Then maybe it’s time to take a new look at your business.

That way of life is oh so familiar.

Yup, I’ve had clients like that in the past.

They screw you down on price and you’re sooo grateful for the money they’re going to pay you that you bend over backwards to deliver an absolute stonking bit of work and what do you get?

Barely a thank you, followed by disgruntlement and too many emails and phone calls chasing payment!

To get your mind whirring and your creative business juices flowing, or perhaps to just jolt you, here’s a different perspective…


Yup, it’s that simple.

You don’t have to run your business the way “Average Jo” does.  Unless of course you’re happy being with “Average Jo”.

I know all my clients want to turn their businesses around pretty smartish.  They want clients who value them, more money in their pocket and being able to live their life of choice.

And yes, before we go any further, I’ll give a one and only nod and acknowledgment to the inner voices screaming that “it’s not that simple”, and “you’ve got bills to pay” and even “it’s tough out there!”

I know!

I’m not sharing anything here that I’ve not been through myself.

So, I know what it’s like to be in the vicious circle of being focused on taking any clients just to keep the money coming in.

It felt to me like I was rooted to the spot – literally!

I remember talking at an entrepreneurs business growth conference about feeling stuck.  I stood, as if one foot was nailed to the ground and spun round in circles.

I was authentic.

That was exactly where I was.

And yet, I was doing OK, but I wanted to spin to the next level.

Then one day I took a gigantic dollop of my own medicine and made a decision.

I decided to choose to have clients who actually valued my knowledge, skills and experience.

And more importantly I decided to work with people who knew my value to help them grow their business.

So, life and business is a choice.  If you don’t like something, you can choose a different way to live, different hours to work, different rates of pay.

The simple answer is this…

Make a decision to change.

What I mean is… really make the decision.

Making the decision to change will shape your business future and your personal fortunes.

And even when it seems impossible to make a decision, that’s actually a decision you’re choosing to make!

As business people, we know it takes guts to make tough decisions.  And that’s what makes us leaders.

Even so, normal and natural deliberation and hesitation creep in before making any decision.  That’s our survival mechanism buried deep inside our brain that’s kicking in.

Making the “right decision” is really important to us!

But, if you can’t make what you think is the right decision you won’t make any decision.

And hey presto, you’re stuck!

If there is no action, you haven’t made the decision.

So, when you do make the decision to move towards your business and life of choice, the quickest way to sprint start that journey is to charge what you’re worth to solve your clients biggest problem.

Remember, your clients are not paying you for the minutes you spend with them.  They are paying you for all of your knowledge, skills and expertise that you’ve gathered throughout your life and career.

The right people will pay you your just reward.  So, now you are good at what you do, your job is to let other people know how good you are.

I’m not suggesting you shout from the rooftops, be like a barrow boy or flaunt yourself like a trashy tart – goodness no!

Instead consider the perception of price.  That means when you’re looking for new clients and letting them buy, you have to think about everything from their perspective – including price.

Are you congruent with who you say you are?  How do they see you?  What are you wearing?  Does the location of a meeting match your brand?

Remember, no nasty surprises.  Does the look of your website match you and what you’re selling?

And if you’ve got a shop are your customers comfortable with the look and feel, which means they’ll stay longer, so overall they’ll spend more money with you?

The world has changed.

And now the most successful people in business know there’s a lot more to think about in the client attraction decision making process.  The thinking part is what makes the doing part even more successful.

Life and business are about choices…

Maybe you’ll choose to run your business with clients who are like the squawking, ravenous seagulls?

They’re fighting for just one tiny scrap of chip and all too eager to peck you until you hand over your chips for free!

Or perhaps your choice will be to work with clients who really appreciate you?

You know, the people who value your skills and knowledge and experience.  The clients who share your values and are delighted to join you in beautiful and relaxing surroundings that are comfortable to you both.  Perhaps you’ll be nibbling the plentiful and appetizing food and of course sip the most delicious drinks.

Matching you and your offer with your clients and their perception of you is key.

Thinking differently about your business is the next step to growing your business.  Discover here how I can help you to think differently about achieving your business success.