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For success focused, bottom line driven business owners feelings are not openly spoken about.

Feeling rise to the surface at times of stress, trouble or uncertainty when people are directed to their HR advisor, coach or even therapist.  Yet, feelings directly influence business culture which is the ultimate key to improving productivity, results and success.

As the World Resets in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic the old ways of dealing with how you and your staff feel do not work anymore.  Ignoring unspoken feelings of safety at work will result in a constant struggle, plummeting profits and the inability to make any real progress as life switches to “New Normal”. Knowing The Importance of Your Higher Business Purpose

However, thinking beyond what other employers are doing, developing an enhanced supportive culture is the key to your success and the future as your business pivots on this fundamental aspect.

Remember, people don’t buy your products or services.

Knowing what and why people buy your products or services is critical to future success.  Creating the link between you, your employees and your clients is fundamental as the sense of both local and global community grows and thrives.

People buy what your products or services do for them.  They buy results, solutions, answers, advantages, improvements, time saving, money making, freeing from pain, pleasure, prestige.

A lot of people ignore this simple fact.

Also ignored is how you and your employees relate to your clients and customers.  Shared values and higher purpose turns opportunities into positive outcomes.  When your employees feel proud of the contribution they are making to your business, to your clients lives and to their purpose you will see your profits increase exponentially.

Natural Optimisation

The next natural step people take when they feel aligned with their purpose and feel safe is to answer the question (out loud, or to themselves) “how can I make these results even better?”

Optimisation is an innate, natural human state of evolution

Instead of you “demanding” better performance you’ll see employees approaching you with ways to improve results, better ways to deliver an enhanced service to your clients.  People will achieve optimum outcomes and no longer will the job expand to fill the time available; productivity will increase.

Improving well-being

A lot of businesses are including well-being as a pillar of business and a perk to entice new employees.  Whether the well-being offer is stress management, yoga, meditation, massage or membership to a gym many employers are competing in a tight marketplace.  A more sustainable, natural way to encourage the best people to work with you is the alignment of people and purpose.  As people re-align with common purpose a cultural shift will happen naturally.  The elevated and unhealthy feelings of stress will naturally subside, attrition reduces and you’ll discover a new normal way of working within a flow of genuine client care.

At the heart of improving operational performance, business growth and profits is how people feel.  Helping people to feel safe, secure, valued and working together for a purpose is more important now than it has ever been.

Looking for help on how to profitably pivot, create a safe, supportive environment for staff returning to work after Covid-19 lockdown or to create a sustainable growth strategy for your business?  If you would like to discuss without obligation and in confidence how I can help you, please contact me.