The Boardroom


The Boardroom drives strategic direction.

Determines the future success of the business.

Maintains Clarity, Confidence and Certainty of direction.


Whether starting or scaling a business, future success is first created in The Boardroom.


An experienced, external facilitator helps maintain clarity, refocuses when necessary and ensure objectives are met.

Gail has many years experience of sitting at The Boardroom table and many more facilitating strategic decisons with diverse directors and stakeholders.


Working with Business Owners, Directors, Team Leaders and Stakeholders face to face or on-line in a supportive, respectful and inclusive way ensures all thoughts are explored and considered.  The process of setting business goals that align with directors personal goals is an important step to achieving strategic objective and getting the goals.

Away Days

A break away from the routine day at the office is essential for strategic thinking.

The popularity of remote working is showing that vital time with the senior team is becoming more of a luxury than ever before.

Arranging an away day balances focused and private workspace, the great outdoors for brain-friendly business and personal development with colleague reconnection.

Possibly the most valuable experience a business can create.

Exploring Possibilities

I offer an initial confidential and complementary telephone conversation to explore options for you.

Options are only limited by imagination.  In The Boardroom has roamed from Snowdonia valleys to mountain peaks, London high-tech offices, country hotels, garages and workshops.

Next Step

In The Boardroom days are created step by step.

Take your first step and contact Gail.