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Too often I see business owners struggling with something.

But the thing is, it takes a finely tuned and focused eye to see the tiny weeny give away signs.  Why’s that?

Well, everybody seems to wear the “public face”.  The one that tells most people we’re on the top of the tree and doing well.

And, that’s OK.  I get it!

I know successful business owners can’t wander around moaning and grumbling because we’d never get any more work.

But the truth is, every now and then most people running their own business have to sacrifice something.   And it’s usually something important.

Something in their personal life like health or holidays, perhaps time with family and friends.  Or in my case sleep!  All too often I used to wake up at 3.16 am mind churning until I’d solved my latest problem, then fall back to sleep just as the alarm wanted to rudely wake me!

And yet despite the sacrifices most people soldier on determined tomorrow will be better.  Determined to be better and do better.

The only answer seems to be…

Work harder.

Work longer.

Try  every strategy to get more clients to make more money.

And with fingers crossed, hoping tomorrow will be better!

But our new future has to be created.  Not from what it used to be in the good ol’ days.  Or what we hope it’ll be tomorrow.  But from now.  From today.

So when other people are rolling around luxuriating in their success it’s simply because they chose what they wanted.  And then they created the plan to create it.  And finally they took the right action.

And hey presto the future arrives.

I could deconstruct everything successful people do and show you a complex way of applying it to your business.  But the truth is doing business is straightforward, our minds over complicate it.  And anyway, I’m saving my secrets for my Business Breakthrough seminar where I’ll be sharing my how to do less to achieve more strategies with savvy lady business owners who are creating their new future.

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