High Performance Business Team

Our Team

Gail is proud to be working with professionals, leaders, and influencers who share her passion for business success.


High performance businesses are created by high performance people.

Outsourcing all none core business activities is the most cost effective way of ensuring your business receives the professional guidance needed.  One of the leading misconceptions when it comes to working with outsourced companies is assuming a single person can handle every single professional support task for you.  They can't.

Every disciplines requires a specialist knowledge and experience to confidently manage a specific aspect of your business.  Co-ordinating and managing every person is a full time task in itself.

Our single point of contact means you minimise the time spent managing your business and maximise the time spent client facing.  Kairos takes care of everything else for you.

The diverse skills needed to improve every facet of a business are provided by me and my team of experts.  Every team member is a high performer independently running their own high performance business.


When you work with me developing your business you will always have one point of contact.  We clearly identify the exact skills needed either for a one off project or ongoing support and source the skills from our team of experts saving you time and money.


High Performance Business Team Members span services and disciplines including:


Our Team Includes:

Accountant, Book keeping, Branding Expert, Business Strategist, Chauffeur, Confidante, Compliance, Covid-19, Cyber Security, Driver Safety, Electrical Testing, Employee Engagement, Groundworks, Health & Safety, HR/Employment, Insurance Broker, IT Support, Solicitors, Marketer, Mental Health Professionals, Nutritionist, Payroll Administrator, Pension Administrator, Wellbeing Specialist, Project Manager, Property Maintenance, Recruiter, Regulatory Compliance, Revenue Generator, Sales, Vehicle Sourcing, Web Designer.


The benefits of working on a high performance business improvement project and utilising the fractional services of equally high performing professionals are speed, efficiency and continually knowing where to work on the most critical and most impactful aspect of your business.


Improved risk management results reduces liability exposure ensuring compliance with growing and extensive government regulations.  There is a reduction in essential business costs with timely delivery as people parachute in to deliver their expertise to improve your business delivering exactly what you want.  Overall your business will perform how you envisioned with high levels of efficiency and productivity giving you the profits and time you'd always envisioned.