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Take A Break – A Breathing Break

When was the last time you purposefully took time to breathe during your busy day? 

Many of us feel we are so, so busy that we power through the day without even the smallest of pauses.  But, no time for a mico-reset can do more harm than good, leading to mental fatigue, exhaustion and drop in productivity. 

Let’s not be prescriptive about breaks

We are all individuals.  The frequency and length of breaks will differ from person to person and also on what’s going on during the day.  What works for you today, may not work for you tomorrow.  So, go with the flow, but plan your breaks and give yourself mini-rewards for a job well done. 

Research proves regular breaks are good for us

Even micro- breaks of a few minutes filled with non-work activities are proven to reduce stress, build resilience and even improve our eye sight.

Turning away from your computer screen, gazing out of the window or practicing a few deeper breaths can all help improve mood, boost our ability to relax and ultimately sleep better at night. 

Short breaks help restore energy, sharpen your mind and boost productivity.  So instead of powering through a task, break it into smaller chunks and take micro-breaks to boost your productivity. 

Kick-start your breaks

When you’re stacked out with tasks, how can you kick-start the habit of taking short, regular breaks during the day?  

Here are 5 top tips you can use today:

  1. Rename a break to “performance break” so that it has a positive spin and propels you forward.  
  2. Plan your tasks and when you’ll have a break.
  3. Set a timer and promise yourself you’ll take a 3 minute break to stand, stretch, gaze out of the window and breathe.
  4. One I love, especially when I’m writing emails is to pause between thoughts, exhale and focus on the little toe of my left foot! Then let the inhale happen naturally and carry on with my email.  This keeps me in the moment and focused on the email. 
  5. Reward yourself with a longer break when you’ve finished a task.

Be creative with your break time and notice the results. 

You may find your mind becomes sharper and clearer, perhaps your posture improves (which improves your lung function) and maybe your productivity improves too. 




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