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Yup, we all get stuck and feel as though we’ve disappeared into that proverbial rabbit hole… again.

There’s that elusive “something” at “sometime” that drags us back just at the moment we thought we were making some progress.

Of course, the obvious answer is get out of your rabbit hole as fast as possible.  But I know that’s easier said than done.

Then there’s well-meaning people telling you “You’ll be OK” and offering obvious suggestions that are more irritating than helpful – and that’s putting it politely!

And remember all those business and marketing strategies, they’re all likely to work, but all too often the next shiny object sparkles and whoosh your distracted and back in the rabbit hole.

And searching on the “world wider interweb” for the right answer to burning questions yields only more stuff to be do.

So, let’s cut to the chase with the crack and the glimmer of light to guide you out of the hole…

Your answers are buried within you.  (and I’m not getting all woo woo here!)  You have the answers, you just don’t know what questions to ask.

You see, over time, your brain’s natural mechanisms and processes have conspired against you.  Even though you may have been thinking the right thoughts, your brain hasn’t felt the right feelings.  And that means it hasn’t believed your thoughts.  So your brain has, unhelpfully to you, produced the chemicals which keep you stuck.  Typical chain reaction and all happening without you knowing about it!

But when you discover the right questions to ask, you’ll find the answers.

Now, the fastest way to get to the right answers is to find someone to ask the right questions.

I know we should be able to sort out our own stuff, particularly if we do it for other people.  But, the thing is you are hardwired to keep you stuck to the spot unless your brain knows the next step is completely safe and then you will move towards where you want to be.

When someone else reaches into your rabbit hole with the offer of help to pull you out, your brain feels safe and relaxes.

But, the thing is it’s got to be someone who’s been in a rabbit hole just like yours and knows what it’s like.  Someone who your brain will connect with so it finally feels there is someone who “gets me”.  Then your brain wakes up and starts to see the opportunities.

The power of Third Party Perspective can be the difference between failure and success.

But when you have no option but to get yourself unstuck, try turning every thought upside down to consider a different point of view.

And the quickest and easiest way to solve stubborn stuckness is to use a Japanese problem solving tool that was developed in the 1930’s by Sakichi Toyoda.  And here it is…

Step 1 Identify what you think is holding you back.
Step 2 Ask “why” no fewer than 5 times.
Step 3 Plan and execute the changes necessary to get unstuck.

When you repeatedly cycle through steps 1, 2 and 3 you are likely to get yourself unstuck.  Or for faster results you could just ask me to help pull you out of your rabbit hole.

I’ve been stuck down rabbit holes too.  So I found out the best ways to get out and wrote a book How Your Brain is Blocking Your Business to help business owners get unstuck.  I’ve been unblocking businesses and making them more profitable for nearly 2 decades (I can’t believe I’m nearly that old)