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Are your costs eating up all your profits?

Many business owners who feel stuck are good at bringing in new business.  They just have a hard time keeping the cash in their business. 

It seems overhead spiral out of control of the growing business and the cries of “we need more […]” people, equipment, software, and employee support suck out the cash. The list is endless and rising overhead soaks up profits like a thirsty sponge, leaving stakeholders wrung-out and dry. 

Here are quick actions for you to take to stop the profit leak.

Be an investigator.  Start analysing your business spent.  The very first place to start is Marketing ROI.  Many business owners seeking to improve profits slash marketing costs; some even stop marketing.  This is one of the biggest mistakes a business can make.  Instead analyse your marketing ROI.  


ILet me ask you a question…

“Do you follow up? “

Often the client replies with indignation: “Of course I send follow up emails… And I telephone…

I rarely get a response… I assume they’re not interested.”

The majority of people in business don’t follow up enough with prospects.  They are not tenacious.

Even after they have spent a huge amount of time and no doubt money on events, paid for advertising, SEO, exhibitions and face to face meetings they give up too easily and head off to look for the next cold lead.  They suffer from “Shiny Object Syndrome”


Because of something out of sight and deep inside of them.  It is sub-consciously created, previously experienced yuckie feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Rejection.  Fear of failure., fear of success and dare I even mention desperation for the deal.

Then, most people just give up.

Their brain and beliefs push them back to the life of mediocrity that they’ve become uncomfortably comfortable with.

What to do instead

Be proud of your follow-up sequence.  Yes a system!

Create it.  Be playful with it.  Track.  Measure.  Adjust.

Take action.  Build it – it’s not forever you can adjust it.

Create your follow up sequence of 20 or 30 communication messages using a range of methods.  Test methods your new client may like.  Hint this isn’t about your preferred communication method.  Provide the opportunity for your prospect to reach their final decision about working with you.

Remember the client and marketing psychology.  Mentally step into the shoes of your time-poor, busy prospect.  Help them solve their biggest problem.

To grow your business to the next level… Be brave, be bold and keep knocking on the door… it will be answered.

And remember, I’m here ready to support you, your mindset and business growth.  So, when you want the door to be opened by more prospects, let’s chat… it’s easier than you think.  Book your complimentary Business Breakthrough Call.