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Attention Fed Up Business Owners:


Are you fed up of tedious overwhelm, tired of keeping up appearances and sick and tired of working long hours and not making progress.

And most of all are you frustrated with not making the money you want every month?

Look... Every day I hear the heat break of broken business dreams.  I see plans cast aside in favour of the latest shiny object and empty promise.  I know there are so many people putting on the brave business face hoping with fingers crossed those customers will flood through their doors and answer all their prayers.

Those customers can come flooding through your door, but only when you get clear, create your plan and take the next step forward.

The question I hear most often is "how do I do that?", swiftly followed with it's ok for bigger companies who have marketing budgets and a big spend for Google Adwords and SEO campaigns.

OK, there is a way and I'm sharing the strategies helping business owners just like you.

First you need clarity - in abundance - you need to know where you are, where you're going and what you're doing.

Then you need a simple plan - anything complex is too much for your brain to cope with (not just your brain, but anyone's brain!)

Finally you need to free up time from frantically running through your day.  To grab time first you need quick wins to boost your cashflow.

That's theory you've probably heard from other business coaches, but here's the rub...

I'm a business mentor, which means I've been where you are, I've found out how to build a business the hard way.  In fact I've had 4 of my own businesses and advised on how to solve problems for businesses for 20 years.  I get it!

I know how to build a business with zero or low marketing spend.

And, I know what it feels like when your hopes and dreams turn to heartache, bewilderment and sheer terror.  I've sat staring at the blank computer screen, I've been tongue tied with prospective clients - especially the one "I needed" and I've wondered how life as a business owner can be different.

I also know that you want help and support, but often the cashflow simply doesn't allow.  That's why I decided to write Spotlight On Success.

You can discover how to grow your business without a big budget.

You can work fewer hours.

You can work with the client you want.

You can make more money.

And, you can feel happier with your work.

But, please remember this is your business and it requires work.  There are no magic pills, no magic wands and definitely no shortcuts.  Successful businesses need work.  I'm offering to show you the short route - the one with no detours or dead ends.

I am inviting you into Spotlight On Success: a regular "consultancy in print" programme dedicated to helping you refocus on your business wealth and take care of your own personal health too.

When you join my Spotlight On Success here’s what you’ll get:

Join Spotlight on Success

My Promise To You

To help you achieve even more amazing stuff in your business and your personal life, I will regularly light up your business world and lavish these things on you: 

  1. 12-page printed newsletter stuffed with lessons about success.  There'll be business strategies, personal development, success secrets, a healthy dollop of natural business growth, wellness, conscious and sustainable ways to grow your business without stress or overwhelm.  This newsletter, which is my "business mentoring and consultancy in print" is developed specifically for the entrepreneur who battles daily time-vampires, who struggles to find time to do everything on their self-imposed to-do list, who feels overwhelmed by "stuff" and feels the needs to escape the constant battle of "selling it cheap" mentality and who desperately needs some more "me" time.

  2. A monthly challenge designed to get you using the incredibly profitable strategies you're reading about.  After all, you want to grow your business, so the challenge lets you start seeing positive results and profits from your efforts straight away.

  3. Friday - every week I'll share my weekly wins and my goals with you and you can share your wins with us.  Maintaining momentum is easier when you're in a group of people on a similar journey.

  4. Members-only special offers: I look after my Spotlighters, and they're the only ones who ever get special rates on my stuff.  All current Members automatically receive a huge 15% discount on my products, courses, and events — saving you £100s (and giving you access to stuff that’s just not available to other people.)

Running your business is hard work, when you're with a group it's heaps more fun and easier too.  This is all about helping each other and collaborating.  Most of all it's about standing together, having fun and making a difference in our wonderful world.

What to do now: 

Becoming a Member and receiving your copy of Spotlight On Success is simple.

If you decide to stop faffing and start growing your business simply hit the subscribe button and I'll do the rest.  After receiving your first copy of Spotlight On Success, then you need do nothing.  Your subscription fee is only £10 + P&P payable every 4 weeks - until you decide to stop.

As soon as you join I'll send you the latest copy of Spotlight On Success.

Then you'll receive the current issue of Spotlight On Success, the 12 page printed Chronicle.  I'll be delivered to your door by a real person!

There are no refunds.

What I do, share and teach works - but you have to make it work for you.  I am here to help and support you as you take every step, all you have to do is ask me for help.

You're not tied in to any lengthy contracts, minimum membership or anything like that.  But if you stick around you'll discover more business growth and personal development strategies and you'll finally find out what to do when your brain blocks your business growth.  In every issue I'll  share strategies me and my clients have used to grow our businesses, but you have to do the work.  This isn't for quick fixers and there is definitely no magic pill.  I'll share how to stay focused and how to get your goals, but only if you stick around.

Spotlight On Success is for business owners and entrepreneurs serious about growing their business; people willing take action and do whatever it takes.

Stop faffing and start growing...