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When I talk about expert positioning most people wrinkle their nose and tell me they are not an “expert”.  It seems to be a concept most people shy away from.

Then what happens is quite remarkable because they tell me about how they help their clients solve their problems.  And, there is always something very special about their service that sets them apart from everyone else in their marketplace.  Something they can be recognised for above everyone else.

So, how about we talk about being a specialist?  Feel better?

Everyday we look for the best person to help us.  We want someone who appears to have the solution to our specific problem.  And, we want to find that person because our problem is the most important problem for us to solve.  Solving it quickly means we can get on with the rest of our life.

But the reality of problem solving is that in your marketplace there are probably dozens of people who do something similar to you.  If you stay within the bounds of what everyone else does you’ll have to fight for your small share of the work.  By owning a niche, specialising and becoming the go-to-person you position yourself so your clients seek you.

Stand Out

When you stand out in a crowded marketplace people with the specific problem you solve will naturally gravitate to you.  You rise above the sameness and you become the beacon of light and their bright shining star.

Become the Exclusive Prize

The pull to the VIP area behind the red velvet rope is palpable.  It’s human nature to want what we can’t have.  People want to be associated with success and the recognised expert.  They want to boast they had their problem solved by the most prestigious person in town.  They are proud to announce in hushed tones “she was expensive, but she’s worth every penny”.

Deliver Solutions

People only take notice of two types of advice – free or expensive.  The sameness in the middle where most people work is fraught with mediocrity and dissatisfaction.

By wrapping your solution in the specialist positioning package it will instantly get more attention.  And, more importantly you’ll make a difference to your clients because your expertise will be absorbed and used.

Here’s your first step on the path of being a recognised specialist.

Define your Specialism

Spend some time and think about your areas of expertise and specialism.  Be clear.  Be confident about the results you get and the problems you solve.  And start becoming comfortable saying “I am a specialist in …”

And if you’d like to discover the fast track to specialist positioning, you can contact me here