Kairos Outsourcing Hub gives business owners more money, more time and freedom to live life.

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Bespoke service and flexible contracts to suit you and your business needs.


The dedicated place for complete business support from accounts to well being.


  • Unlimited Support

  • Project Support

  • Annual Renewal Support

  • Legal and Professional Services Support

Kairos Price Plans


Kairos Leverage

From £75 pw

Leverage takes away the headaches of time consuming yet essential business management.

When you're having to work evenings and weekends on contracts, accounts, tax returns, marketing or sales our specialists will work together and take away your headache.

Simply tell us what you hate doing and we will take over all the business management tasks you don't enjoy leaving you with more time to focus on client work.


Kairos Growth


Ever wished you could say what results you want and "hey presto" other people get to work and deliver what you want?

Now you can!

Need more money in your business?  Our Revenue Review will identify hidden and untapped revenue opportunities, then quickly deliver the agreed amount.

Need more time?  Our Time Review is quick and easy.  Simply tell us what business management tasks you want us to do, or where you spend most of your none client facing, none productive time and we'll create a plan giving you back hours and hours every week.

Combine our Revenue and Time Reviews and you'll discover exponential growth opportunities.

Our dedicated, multi-discipline team includes a single point contact project manager, saving you even more time.   You speak to one person and we manage the right person, doing the right work at the right time for the most cost effective way of growing a business.


Kairos Freedom


Dedicated team to manage and grow your business.

Kairos Freedom Team is your Board of Directors, project and business support teams.

All you have to do is decide what result you want from your business, and we will create and agree a plan with you, and bring together our professional specialists in the most cost effective way to deliver your results.

For longer projects we will agree a reporting schedule - perhaps a monthly Virtual Board Meeting so you remain in complete control.

Our done for you solution is the most cost effective way of managing and growing your business.

If you want more time to focus on your clients and your specialist service and want everything else in your business done for you, contact Gail to arrange an initial conversation.

We do our job, so you can do yours.