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Discover that when you give your brain what it craves most you can more easily focus on the source of problems, not spend time on symptoms.  

My services are tailored to solve real life, costly business problems at the source level with a unique blend of conscious mind mastery and business acumen.



Conscious Leadership Coaching

More is being asked of CEOs, Managing Partners and Senior Leaders than ever before.

They are being challenged to create solutions in disrupted marketplaces in the wake of a global pandemic.

Employees are losing their motivation and productivity levels are falling.   

The challenges are demanding and expanding.  Conscious capitalism is evolving.  People are seeking employers offering higher purpose.  People and planet are taking centre-stage, yet profit is pivotal to business success.

Now is the time to lead purposefully with vision, presence and heartfelt compassion.

Gail offers a variety of Conscious Leadership Coaching partnerships and educational workshops tailored to your needs.  

Intensive Immersion coaching and training of one 6 hour day or two half days of 3 hours.  This Immersion provides Conscious Models of Business, an introduction to bringing conscious leadership into working practices and an introduction to the benefits of mindfulness, meditation and breathing to help cultivate awareness.  

Conscious Leadership Coaching Partnership for CEOs, Managing Partners and Senior Leaders 6 months support through a process of individual, team and organisational transformation.  

Adopting conscious intent and alternative perspectives elevates leadership effectiveness.  Any change can be painful, but with conscious intent what emerges can be more agile and more capable of adapting to the current challenges.

Gail works with a maximum of four senior leaders at a time on this 6 month 1-2-1 programme.

6 Week Conscious Leadership Accelerator

For leaders that wish to feel confident navigating Conscious Models of business and speedily upgrade their leadership vision, the Conscious Leadership Accelerator offers a powerful 1:1 partnership to support them to do just that.


1:1 Coaching

I work with business owners and busy professionals who are navigating a period of change in their life or business and wish to step up to new levels of presence, clarity and awareness.

I will share with you the lessons I have learned over 26 years dedicated to transformational learning, personal mastery and business excellence and offer you a clearly defined process to help you get to where you want to be.

We will likely work together for three to six months with fortnightly sessions of ninety minutes.

If you are looking for a champion who has experience of the powerful connection between mind, body and business to walk with you through a period of personal, professional or business transformation, look no further.

We can do this together.

Mind Mastery for Business Leaders

Gail trains business owners and leaders in meditation techniques that can be used directly in everyday business life.  The sessions are 1-2-1 held on zoom, walking in nature or in person in the boardroom.

Qualifications & Experience 

Conscious Business Growth Expert

Mind, Body, Business Expert

Business Psychologist

Meditation Teacher

Business Coach

Accelerated Business Growth Expert

Event & Conference Keynote Speaker

Life Coach

Usui Reiki Master

Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner

Ancient Massage Master

Yoga Nidra Teacher