Integrating Engagement & Wellbeing into Business Outcomes & Growth

An engaged and profitable organisation is a dream for most business owners.  Unlocking your company’s hidden potential requires owners, leaders, employees and customers all to be engaged in the same purpose, have optimal wellbeing and are committed to continuous improvement.  

As an Engagement Strategist I support business owners and leaders as they move through the stages of engagement to optimal business performance. 

Engagement leads to optimal business performance






Discover the truth of where you are now

Analysis and measurement

See the wisdom hidden in your organisation

Create the environment to boost creativity and empower a highly productive team.

Innovate and enable creative problem solving that allows you to look at growth from a different perspective

Through a systematic engagement process turn employees into advisers and advocates.

Stimulate positive Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing and drive the adoption of change 

Make incremental changes to how people feel, think and act and see the benefits almost immediately

engagement strategies

Using an approach that is proven to work by segmenting your employees who are loyal and productive, those who will leave and those who could be persuaded to leave by a competitor. Then delivering campaigns to capitalise on this insight to create more loyal emplyees.  Utilising a three phase model, improvements can be rapidly implemented.   

Engagement & Wellbeing Workshops

Workshops that focus on a broader range of engagement and wellbeing related topics for optimal business performance.  Discover: 
1.   How engagement and wellbeing improves efficiencies. 
2.  How operational performance benefits from integrated wellbeing and engagement.
3.  Why organisations with engaged employees are vastly more profitable. 


My holistic approach to executive coaching focuses on how leaders think, feel, make decisions, manage their emotions and energy, access their intuition, stay focused and reduce self-sabotaging habits that undermine their performance.

Each coaching engagement draws from my knowledge and expertise of Board level appointments, but is tailored to each individual’s needs and goals.


Executive wellbeing coaching

Life in ledership roles can be stressful.  Finding time for personal wellbeing can be virtually impossible.  

Executive Wellbeing Coaching give you the space to integrate your choice of wellbeing into your life 

Whether you choose mindfulness, meditation, walking, therapeutic deep relaxation, life in leadership roles can become more rewarding when wellbeing is managed.  

It’s never going to be the perfect time.  Just start now.


Uplevel Your Life

Improve Performance

Become Engaged 


Achieve More