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Radically Reduce Stress, Improve Wellbeing & Uplevel Your Life

A range of practical and bespoke services designed to give you an integrated approach to reducing stress, regaining focus and optimising wellbeing.

Discover the key to enhanced wellbeing through my P. P. E. of wellbeing giving you clarity on how to reduce stress physically, psychologically and in your environment.  


There are always situations where we can struggle, with mind-chatter and not be able to find perspective to move forward.  Sometimes, we can’t see the wood for the trees and can’t take ourselves beyond the point of feeling stuck.
Mind Fit Mentoring can help you get unstuck, calm your mind, create new thoughts and habits and support you to create your new future.  
Starting on the inside, calming the mind and minimising negative stress, we then stretch and developing your potential to create your future.
Mind Fit Mentoring is practical, yet rooted in ancient wisdom and drawing on the latest neuroscience research. 
Learn practical ways to increase clarity of mind, improve concentration, increase willpower and stamnia.
Improving the fitness of your mind helps you radically reduce stress, build emotional resilience and uplevel every area of your life.
Accessible to everyone – even if you can’t sit still or quieten your mind.
When you discover the skills to be mind fit, you’ll never be tethered to a mindfulness. relaxation or  meditation app again.
Mind Fit Mentoring meets you where you are and gets you to where you want to be.
Sessions are 1-2-1, team or group mentoring and introductory workshops are available.
Where and How?

Sessions are in person or on zoom.

Contact for availability and pricing.

Wellbeing Workshops

Workshops that lift the lid on a broader range of wellbeing related topics in the toolbox.  In addition to introductions to the 3M’s of Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation or the P.P.E. of Wellbeing why not explore sleeping better, preventing burnout, fatigue recovery or perhaps a practical session on how to rewire the brain for a happier life? 
Offering bespoke workshops that fit in a lunchtime, or half a day to introduce you to the benefits of being mind fit. 

Mentor Walks

Walking and talking are a natural fit. 

If you feel you exist in the past and project to the future bypassing the present, then a Mentor Walk may be the revolutionary experience you need to regain control.

If you feel you try to escape your thoughts and feelings, are anxious or your mind is in overdrive, then a Mentor Walk may provide you with the practical tools you’ve been looking for to regain control, refocus, stop the mind chatter and embrace living in this moment.

If you feel you are constantly playing catch up and there is never enough time, then on a Mentor Walk you may find out how to regain living in the present moment. 

Remember, “What’s said on the walk, stays on the walk!”


Have you tried meditation, but it hasn’t worked for you?  You’re not alone. 

Most meditation originates from monks who’s job is to meditate!  Yet, just 10 minutes of meditation each day is proven to significantly reduce stress, improve sleep and deliver countless health benefits.  

Whether you are new to meditation, have tried meditation apps, or are an experienced meditator, join me either in a 1-2-1, small group or larger group sessions and discover the vast benefits. 

Regular meditation classes or meditation tasters are available for companies and employee wellbeing programs.  

It’s never going to be the perfect time.  Just start now.


Uplevel Your Life

Improve Performance

Become Engaged 


Achieve More