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I was driving to lunch with Doug. We’ve done business together for many years.   Lunch is Doug’s way of introducing me to his next project.  I was looking forward to seeing him again.  And…

It was a lovely sunny day. Blue skies. And I felt… well… just a little brighter. The songs on the radio seemed jolly and up beat.

My fingers were tapping on the steering wheel as I sang along at the top of my voice!  “Who Let The Dogs Out” quickly followed by “Gangnam Style”

My mind wandered…

Whatever happened to those one hit wonders?  Why only do it once? What stopped them doing it again?

The artists put huge effort into writing the lyrics, composing the music, creating graphics, marketing and launching their hit.

Then nothing. Silence. A void where there was once happy foot tapping fun.

They slipped back to the life they used to have with nothing more than a few quid in their pockets! Nothing left except the stories to tell to the passers by.

Maybe their intention was only to do it once?  But maybe they really wanted more?

More sales…

More accolades…

More bright shiny lights…

Maybe they could have released an album?

If only they’d thought about their singing business like their records – beginning, middle, end.

Beginning – find people who like their songs

Middle – sing their heart out

End – shall I sing you another song?

So, my question is …

“What’s your beginning, middle and end?”

How do you find “your people”?

What do you do with so much passion that makes your clients’ hearts sing?

How do you keep your clients coming back to you?

It’s simple to serve your clients once, but keeping them wanting more… How do you easily do that?

Well, that depends. If you’re looking to take the drudge out of your business and have more time to sing along to happy songs, the easiest way is to create a system to bring your steady stream of clients to you time and time again.

Your system that delivers value to your clients every day.

A system that’s working for you even when you’re busy working on something else. How fantastic that would be!

Not got one yet?  That’s OK.  Give me a shout and I’ll help you create yours.