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The 14th century Franciscan friar and philosopher William of Occam was a trailblazer and radical thinker.  He formulated the principle of Occam’s Razor which is commonly described as “the simplest answer is most often correct”.  OK, that’s a very simplistic explanation.  Think of the principle as being the paring down of information to make finding the root cause of a problem easier

I often find  business owners are so close to their challenges, they  over-complicate their business. They layer solution over symptom over solution over symptom.

A fresh, unemotional pair of eyes is often what’s needed to find a simpler, faster, cheaper way to solve the same problem with better results.

Stripping business back to basics is essential to keep profits high, to be efficient and to keep a level of sanity!

Asking questions is crucial.

Are you really happy with your business results?
Would you like to be doing even better?

Consider this…

Customer + Problem  x  You + Solution = Your Profit

Keep focused on you solving your customers problems is the simply the best way to keep profit flowing to you, so why over complicate your business?

Fancy a helping hand solving your current business problem? If you would, then get in touch and I’ll help you use Occam’s Razor to strip away the unnecessary and set you on a quicker route to get more clients, make more money and have a lifestyle of choice.


Photo credit: droth