Mind Fit Mentoring

We only know what we know. We cannot see what is obscured from view.  Taking a different perspective enables us to see the wood from the trees.  

Mind Fit Mentoring offers you a chance to discuss your current blocks, challenges and where you find you are stuck.  

As an impartial observer I am able to ask you the questions that will open your mind and reveal the possibilities of the previously unseen.  

Having experience of leadership, management, business ownership as well as psychology and mind, body professional practice and leading thousands of hours of 1-2-1 client sessions, training classes, workshops, lectures and guest speaking, I have a unique perspective and significant experience and skill in helping people discover the root cause of their current challenge.  That challenge may be poor sleep, physical pain – perhaps back ache, or may relate directly to employee low productivity, or high rates of attrition.  

As a Mind Fit Mentor I combine the aspects of what is happening in the brain, how the mind is thinking with the practical, real life situation you wish to find a solution for.  

Topics, training and techniques used may include, but are not limited to:

~ Creating mental maps for high performance and success 
~ Identifying stress triggers and creating new habits
~ Linking movement, mindfulness and meditation with problem solving
~ Creating new life or business processes to reduce stress 
~ Environmental Anchoring
~ Metaphor and story telling 

If you feel you have a runaway mind, there is never enough time then Mind Fit Mentoring may help you regain living in the present moment.  If you feel you try to escape your thoughts and feelings, are anxious or your mind is in overdrive, then exploring Mind Fit Mentoring may be a revolutionary experience to help you regain control and refocus.   

Single session, or regular sessions available. 

Unlimited Mind Fit Mentoring is available.