Mentor Walks


Mental performance and wellbeing

People who have enhanced cognitive ability and a strong level of creative thinking and resilience are proven to be happier and healthier.

Walking is proven to enhance our mental wellbeing.

Physical fitness

The human body is designed to move. Nowadays most office workers spend far too long at their desks.

Physical inactivity is dangerous for our health.

Talking and collaboration

Mentor Walks attract a diverse range of people, eager to walk and talk. From people who prefer to be outside to people who need to get away from stressful building life.  

Mentor Walks attract all ages and fitness levels.

Knowledge sharing

We love to hear “I didn’t know that”. Humans thrive through curiosity, knowledge and learning.

Often lessons in life, business and wellbeing from an unrelated activity.

Walking and talking are a natural fit.  

Being ourdoors in nature gives a different perspective and can be the best place to explore what’s playing on your mind.  Natures’ energies interact with the conversation and are used to support and stimulate discussion and transformation.  

Never a lecture, always a conversation which flows as we take stimulating steps together towards your transformation. 

Every walk is different and will be tailored to you and your requirements as they are presented in the moment.

Places we walk vary.  Our focus and how we walk vary.   

By engaging in a Mentored and Mindful Walking practice we can start to see how your body feels when we talk about different aspects of what’s playing on your mind and how your mind reacts with our innate motion. 

Becoming aware of thoughts, feelings and emotions allows you to be fully present in the moment.  Gently and gradually as our consciousness becomes more attuned to long held patterns and when they arise, we can generate solutions to allow you to make healthier, supportive and useful choices rather than being governed by unhelpful, old patterns that are running on auto pilot.  

Whilst walking and talking, techniques used may include, but are not limited to:

~ Mindful Walking
~ Zen Meditation techniques
~ Breath awarness and breathing techniques
~ Sense Focused Walking 
~ Environmental Anchoring
~ Metaphor and story telling 

If you feel you are constantly playing catch up and feel as though there is never enough time, then a Mentor Walk may help you regain living in the present moment.  If you feel you try to escape your thoughts and feelings, are anxious or your mind is in overdrive, then a Mentor Walk may be a revolutionary experience to help you regain control and refocus.   

 Remember, “What’s said on the walk, stays on the walk!”