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I don’t improve my clients’ lives, I transform them. Often radically.

I have a no-nonsense, direct, precise yet nurturing approach that gently fixes the root cause of problems saving you time, money and energy.

I have a big heart and a savvy mind which my clients love.  I have their back 100%.  I am the arm round their shoulder and a boot up the b*m (when needed).  I work side-by-side with my clients and I’m there for them 24/7.

I’m often asked what makes me qualified to be a consultant, mentor and coach.  For starters, I’ve built and sold four businesses and kept myself fit and well.  And, if you’re concerned about qualifications over practical application and results, we probably won’t get along too well, but I have sales, accelerated business growth and business management qualifications coupled with more than 20 years business growth experience, as well as mind, body and wellbeing qualifications on the back of being a business psychologist. 

I started coaching and mentoring in 2002 and have over 20,000 hours of service with over 500 people and companies.  I have generated revenue in excess of £500m for my business clients and optimised performance from over 46,000 business and well-being audits.   

I have also spoken at over 250 events, retreats and private audiences on a wide variety of personal development, mindset and wellbeing business topics.  I’ve written 100’s of articles, and a few books I still haven’t published on topics from sales and business growth to recovering from burnout to nature connection and developing inner wisdom. 

I am a consistently high performer, high achiever and get goals in a stress-free way.

I absolutely believe in bringing in to your life and business people who can deliver results. Over the years I’ve seen the profound effect as I’ve worked alongside my clients. 

I know for success to be sustainable there must be inner personal transformation – I facilitate that, meeting my clients where they are and taking them to where they want to be.  

My clients are people who you would assume don’t need a mentor, coach or guru. 

I am 100% confidential.  My clients have included serial entrepreneurs, start-ups determined to succeed, second and third-generation business leaders, global company CEO’s, elite forces operatives, family office advisers and management professors, as well as accountants, solicitors, professional advisers and well-being focused, sales, business-growth coaches and consultants.  


Other things about me:

I ask “why” a lot

I am self-effacing 

I’ve always been a maverick

I stand on my head every day

I work at the edge of possibility

I am happiest outside in nature

♦ I am as materialistic as I am spiritual

♦ I aim for perfection and settle for excellence

I make the smallest changes for the biggest impact

I laugh at my own jokes.  Occasionally others join in too

My extreme confidence is sometimes mistaken for arrogance

♦ I work at a deep subconscious level to create then deliver in reality

♦ I always honour the commitments I make to others. My word is my bond

♦ I know when someone is not telling the truth just by watching their lacrimal caruncle (inner corner of eye)

♦ I think of solutions 3 layers deep – success for my clients, clients client which ensures my clients have a competitive edge

♦ I didn’t talk about my yoga, meditation, pranayama or inner transformation work until 10 years ago because I was laughed at 

♦ Certified as a business psychologist, accelerated growth consultant, breathwork coach, master meditation teacher and mind-body-business specialist.

♦ I know very little about most things, but there are a few things I know very deeply: people, personal development, accelerating business growth, the art and science of well-being, the mind and body interplay, inner wisdom, universal energy, psychology of success and goal-getting

♦ Director-level appointments for global and national law firms.  

♦ Non-Exec Director for cross-sector companies. 

♦ Mentor and Board member for mental health charity.

♦ Consultant for various insurance companies where for one I turned £50m deficit into a £38m profit.   

♦ Improved the mental and physical wellbeing and lives of 000’s of people. 

♦ Setup, grown and sold four of my own service-based businesses, so I really do understand the highs and lows of business ownership.

♦ Cubular Deep Thinking Specialist

♦ I’m a Problem Preventer 

Focused on Goal Getting (not setting) makes a bottom line and human difference.

Deeply connected to nature, our environment and the natural world.

♦ I integrate ancient wisdom with emergent thinking, intuitive with intellectual, traditional with innovative.

♦ Integrates brain, body and business delivering triple bottom line results. 

♦ Leaders confidante – all my work is bound by discretion and confidentiality. 

♦ Since 2002 I’ve helped business owners and leaders break through their private, hidden restrictive blocks so they transform their life and business. 

♦ Puts the brain and body at the heart of profitable business growth.

♦ When I’m not working, you’ll find me walking in nature, enjoying my own cooking a bit too much and riding my motorcycle on sunny days.

Gail’s Career Started in 1995 With A Story

… the story that I told myself about my life against the disconnect of reality. 

I had lost my compass point, was mentally exhausted, experiencing emotional turmoil, and excruciating physical pain. 

I felt I had been unraveled stitch by stitch like a well-loved teddy bear and the threads lay bare.  

Yet, I had made a promise and against all these odds I  embarked on my solo, unsupported motorcycle ride around the coast of Great Britain with no satnav, no mobile and no wrong turns.  I am the first woman to do it.

Just weeks before the start of my epic journey I couldn’t stand straight.  I couldn’t walk.  It was then I had no option but to draw on childhood lessons and put into practice how to create the vital link between our mind, nature-connectedness and achieving the success we desire.  I  first reduced, the eradicated the pain.

Pain free I started my awareness and fund-raising journey.  I met all 277 pre-planned media interviews on time every time and raised a substantial amount of money for a lung cancer charity. 

That was just the beginning of the journey and one where I had committed to supporting others in navigating new narratives for their lives, driving positive change, and helping them reset their compass to their True North…



The “Official” Bio…

Gail Biddulph runs a leadership, high performance & well-being consultancy for business leaders, based in Cheshire, UK.  

Successful people – who you would assume don’t need a mentor, coach or guru – are the ones that call Gail.  Her clients have included serial entrepreneurs, second and third-generation business leaders, global company CEO’s, elite forces operatives and management professors. 

Gail is a highly experienced and dual-qualified business psychologist, accelerated growth consultant and qualified in mind-body modalities including meditation, yoga, pranayama, breathwork, and inner transformation. 

With over 25 years of experience in consulting, coaching and she has developed a deep understanding of the human body and mind, and how to use these practices to create lasting change in the business and workplace setting.

One of her key areas of expertise is simultaneous operational and personal root cause analysis which she believes is a foundation of all transformation. By taking an “inside-out” approach we can access a deeper level of self-awareness, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase our overall sense of well-being.

As a consultant-coach she has a focus on high performance and personal transformation.  She works at the edge of possibility, precisely identifying and enabling the tiny changes that make a radical difference in how we feel, what we think and what we achieve. 


Confidentiality Bound

All matters discussed with me are treated in complete confidence and with the utmost discretion.   Even before our initial enquiry conversation, you would receive my NDA.

My work can touch upon some of the most sensitive topics and hidden depths in people’s lives and businesses.  

I totally respect and understand the sacrosanct nature of privacy and the paramount importance of confidentiality.

One Client At A Time 

My services are 100% tailored, person-centered, and take an integrative approach so you become the best version of yourself.

Believing how we live life is a reflection of our inner world and our bodies are a reflection of the mind and vice versa.  It naturally follows that our business successes reflect our own mind and body and the mind and body of our support teams. 

Living with ongoing stress, unhappiness, pressure and negativity can have a severe effect on health and business wealth. My services are a treatment for mind, body, soul and business and provide an opportunity for transformation in all areas of your life. 


My promise… I promise not to interrupt you.  A rarity that changes everything.  

Every person is different.  Every business is different.  No two situations are the same.  For these reasons, there can be no “cookie cutter” blueprint for my work. 

The needs of every client are unique.  Their experiences are unique.  Their businesses are unique.  Therefore, knowing and respecting uniqueness means my work is tailored to the specific needs of my clients.

In my work, I wear different hats.  There are times I am a confidante, coach, mentor, facilitator, or consultant and when required business psychologist or therapist guiding a holistic, whole-person approach to well-being integration, self-empowerment and next level achievement.

I give my clients the tools to be radiant, self-reliant and transform to their next level. 

I provide them with the insights, tools and techniques to find their roots to grow and wings to fly. To confidently find solutions to their challenges, overcome barriers and achieve their goals.  All while creating a safe space – perhaps out in nature, at their office, in my discrete consulting rooms or at their residence.

Well-Being integration enables you to thrive

I am privileged to work with a movement of leaders passionate about making thriving pivotal to their personal and professional growth journey.

These are people who simultaneously care about people, our planet, and are pursuing strong economic growth.

Since 1996 I have shared the practice and principles that real leadership and wisdom spring from the vitality of the leaders.


Where Gail Comes From

Gail is an only child, spending most of her non-school time roaming the land on her family’s estate and farm in Cheshire.  At an early age Gail found her intuitive skills and became connected to nature and animals. She first learned mind and body science skills from her father and her elders on the country estate. 

Later she was immersed in commerce from both sets of grandparents who each owned businesses – journalists and toffee makers. Later she learned accountancy skills from her accountant mother and sales skills from her father.

The Back Story

Over 20 years ago I headed out on an incredible journey. That’s when I decided to share how we can control our emotions, balance our brains and reecalibrate our nervous systems to live a life well loved.

After living with excruciating back pain, I was fortunate enough to use different tools that helped me regain perspective and find my inner calm.  My back pain dissolved.  I learned the real life link between emotion and physical pain.  The most powerful tool I used was something I was taught as a child.

At the time, the professional services business world where I worked was focused on profit and not people.  I rarely talked about my health issues or my incredible journey from pain to freedom.  I focused on building businesses.  

Fast forward… 

Our world has changed.  Following my commercial success as a consultant and selling my last company, I kept having the nagging feeling that there was more for me to share.

Now, my focus is on how to integrate feeling well, living well, being well into our life and business success.  It’s business, but personal.

The Tiny Tweaks For Success 

Why do tiny changes (Tiny Tweaks) make a radical difference in success? 

As a lifelong student of human behaviour and meticulously studying the psychology and emotions of successful people I have extensively researched how can we consistently achieve our goals and keep ourselves mentally and physically well?

Neuroscience and behavioural research demonstrates only a 0.1% difference in genetic make-up of humans.  So, to achieve consistent high-performance, it is the tiniest of shifts in perspective that play the biggest role in distinguishing personal wellbeing.   

My Books…

How Your Brain Is Blocking Your Business… And What You Can Do About It

My first neuroscience book is purposefully written in a straightforward, fun and accessible way to share how we are ruled by the deepest, hidden part of our brain.  

Knowing one fundamental truth of the brain gives you the key for happiness and success.   

Mastering this subtle art and seeing the ah-ha moment can change how you work and experience your life. 

If you want to change your business result, re-wire your brain and get your goals.  


One Woman Two Wheels 3989 Miles

Against all the odds of mental exhaustion and emotional turmoil, in 1995 I  embarked on my solo, unsupported motorcycle ride around the coast of Great Britain.  I am the first woman to do it.

I rode with no satnav, no mobile phone and no wrong turns! 

During the 8 months of planning I learned to ride a motorcycle and discovered the connection between my mind, emotions and my physical, crippling pain.  More importantly, learning how to reduce and eradicate the pain so I could optimise my performance and get on a motorcycle!  When I learned the mind-emotions-body connection I was able to reprogram my mind (and body) so that I was pain free and able to fulfill my charity commitment where I rode 250 miles for 17 days and happily met every media interview on time every time and raising a substantial amount of money for a lung cancer charity.

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