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Life’s about spending more time doing the things you love isn’t it? Well it should be!  Long working hours belong to the Neolithic dark ages!  Of course you and I both know that we actually need more money to spend more time away from work, so we think we have to work harder and longer to be super successful


Simply, it comes down to this, if you want more out of your day and more money restructure your day to do less so you achieve more

Why? Because most people just settle for what they’ve got! And, according to my latest research I’ve discovered 5% of people are successful, 60% of people get by. And the other 35% are either becoming successful or have hit a major problem and are stuck!

Most people get stuck in their daily rut and routine.

Most people arrive at the office, check their e-mails, listen to the voice messages, take a few phone calls and then settle down to the tasks of the day.

The secret to success is to do the exact opposite to the majority

Do the Most Important Task first. Focus on the one task that will take you one step closer to your goal. When you focus on the biggest, most important task, all the little tasks will fit around it.

Keep doing your Most Important Task. It’ll probably be uncomfortable. It may be something you don’t like doing. It may be something you haven’t yet mastered. When you find yourself easily distracted you’ll know you’re avoiding your Most Important Task

Complete a task, reprioritise your Action List – you do have one, don’t you?

If your goal is to work with more clients, then your first task, your Most Important Task every day should be marketing

Focus on the next Most Important Task and you will achieve your goals.

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