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Here Are 3 Ways To Wellbeing That Work

I.  The important lessons of focus aren’t taught at school but are essential for success.

II. Essential for the enjoyment of life are appreciation of beauty, feeling you have daily choices, having a structure to reach your goals and wealth to celebrate your success.

III. Walking is pivotal to physical health, creativity, brain development, mental well-being and our understanding of our world. Walking is not just exercise, but is an ancient act deeply connected to our sense of physical and psychological belonging.  If we lose our right to walk, the results will be devastating.


Here Are 2 Ideas From Other People

I.  From Lauren Elkin on the joys of walking:

“Walking is mapping with your feet. It helps you piece a city together, connecting up neighborhoods that might otherwise have remained discrete entities, different planets bound to each other, sustained yet remote. I like seeing how in fact they blend into one another, I like noticing the boundaries between them. Walking helps me feel at home.”

Source: Flaneuse

II. From Danielle Colding, Interior Design, talking about success

“Knowing that your success is completely dependent on you is beyond scary at times, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!” and “The world needs more gratitude and less narcissism “

Source: In the Company of Women


Here is One Question For You To Ponder

What is the one wellbeing challenge you wish you had the answer to because you know it would transform your life?

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Gail Biddulph

Wellbeing Mentor and Keynote Speaker


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