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Morning clock ticks relentlessly, challenging your “to do list”.

Time vies for pride of place against your emails and phone.

Quick cuppa before the first client.


Check emails and the urgent list of “must do’s” grows

Only option to stay late, finish the urgent stuff.

Every day, I hear the “no time” mantra from clients.

Let me ask you a question; if you have no time for your Main Thing, is your Main Thing really your Main Thing?

Your Main Thing is your Most Important Task (MIT) and by definition your MIT must be done before anything else.  If it’s not, then your MIT isn’t your MIT!

I know I’m stating the obvious, but it’s the simple things done every day that really do make a big difference to the success of your business.  And one of those simple things to keep in your sights is your Main Thing.

And, it’s not just me saying it.  It’s been said countless times, in countless ways and it still remains true today.  By focusing on the one thing, your Main Thing, that’ll make the difference to your business.

I know you know it, but do you do it?  I didn’t always, but now I do!

If growing your business and reaching your goals is important to you, consider these seven things to get you there quicker.  I did, and they made a massive difference:

  1. Get up a little earlier to work on your MIT
  2. Revisit and reprioritise your goals
  3. Ditch every task that’s eating your time
  4. Charge more, work less
  5. Get clear about what you really want
  6. Create your plan to get you there and stick to it
  7. Work on your terms… always

Want a few more ideas on how to earn more and work less, then help yourself to my 46 Ideas To Grow Your Business Fast.

About the Author 

Gail Biddulph

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