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How do you think employees should be treated?   

We hear and see articles about improving employee engagement, taking care of employees mental health and safety at work, but what about how you treat you and your mind 

What if you thought that your mind is actually your first employee?  How would you treat your mind? 

With love or loathing?  As friend or enemy?  Do you offer drinks of sweet, nourishing nectar or are you feeding your mind with poison, anger, hatred or resentment?  

What do psychologists say? 

Many preeminent psychologists, philosophers and scholars urge us to see that we become what we think about.  These researchers have shown that what happens in the mind invariably happens in the body.  We are psychosoma and the mind and body function as one unit; a mental and physical organism.  

Neuroscience research has found that long periods of continuous stress leads to hormone and neurotransmitter imbalance in the brain.  In the early stages of feeling stressed, anxious or “under pressure” the natural tendency is to work harder, long hours, skip meals, sleep less and reduce all the good support and life sustaining habits we would naturally choose when feeling happy and relaxed.   

But then ingestion of poisons start 

As business worries escalate, so the poisonous chemical cocktail intensifies and what was once our most loyal, supportive, creative, hard working employee turns into the most vicious and vile enemy we could ever consider.   

Turning your mind around to once again be your most loyal, hard working employee is possible, however consider the essence of these words of Albert Einstein: 

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” 

Rely on your counterintuition  

If you find your mind is working against you, the first thing to do is to take a break.  Even a short walk will help clear your mind.  Depending upon the levels of intensity of the feelings, you may find you need a longer break. 

With rest and relaxation you can take small steps and make tiny incremental changes, but first watch your thoughts before you choose to make any changes to your thinking. 

Take positive, supportive action and again take tiny, incremental steps for change.. 

Align your thoughts, your feelings and your actions with your desired state of feeling. Find ways to do good things for you.  If you cannot do that for you, reach out and do that for other people.   

When you once again make friends with your mind and rekindle the loyal support of your first trusted employee you will see the changes you desire in your business starting to happen. 

If your business is stuck and you are ready to take transformational steps to create a safe, supportive environment for staff returning to work after Covid-19 lockdown or you need a high performing sustainable growth strategy, please contact me to discuss your situation and see if we’re a match!  Contact Gail.