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Have you ever noticed that a great business begins with a dream?
A dream so big that when it’s talked about people sit up, wide eyed, eager to know more.  They want to be a part of it.  They want to be a client or an advocate, perhaps even an investor.
Big deams are are fuelled by passion.   A desire to change something in the world.
Big dreams are fuelled by feelings.
But, here’s the thing about many small businesses…
They are average; doing the same as the business down the road, getting the same results. The owner doesn’t want to cause a fuss or be different.  They are keeping a lid on their business potential.
Here’s 3 questions for you to ponder:
  1. Do people pester you for your services?  Do they want to be a part of your dream?
  2. How driven and enthusiastic do you feel about your business?
  3. How do other people react when you tell them about your business?
If your business isn’t fuelling your fire and filling you full of enthusiasm every day, then check your motivation.
Remember it’s hard for someone to say no to a business owner who’s on a mission…