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We always seem to be searching, looking for perfection, wanting something better, looking over the metaphorical fence thinking and wishing or something different.

And as time ticks by and we look back to past generations they always seemed to be so happy with their modest homes, large families and never a chance of a holiday.

And yet today we are constantly seeking improvement, transformation and the opportunity to own the newest shiniest object of our hearts desire… NOW!  We have a wealth of opportunities of how to live our life and often it is those very choices that cause our restlessness.

So many choices.  Every day from the second we open our eyes our senses are assaulted with stimuli our mind has to process and make yet another choice.

Today I chose to have it all and stay exactly where I was. I was working, I was enjoying the summer sunshine and I was sipping a perfectly chilled juice.   What more did I really need?

Just for today I chose to focus on what I had around me, rather than being a busy bee and flitting off to do something different. I chose one of the greatest human goals and aspirations “peace of mind”, I chose to be mindful.

As I stayed focused, in the moment, on what I was doing I noticed my monkey mind stopped jumping from thought to thought. I rediscovered how to appreciate day to day life as it happens. After a few minutes I realised I was breathing deeply, my shoulders had dropped and I was fully immersed in what I was doing, but it was being done with effortless effort.

After I’d finished what I was doing, I spent a few minutes to research resources on mindfulness.  I came across this little mindfulness gem.  A fabulous book called  Mindfulness Simplified which gave me everything I was looking for in the moment and then let me explore and gave me the answers I was seeking.