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Being happy at work is a simple concept.  But, according to research, happiness at work eludes most people.

Recent Gallup research with more than 82,000 businesses revealed that happy and engaged staff working for companies in the top quarter of the results are 17% more productive resulting in 21% more profitability than those companies in the bottom quarter.

When people are happy and feel connected to their organisation’s purpose they miss 70% fewer workdays because of poor health over the course of a year.  In addition, because they feel valued they are less likely to actively seek a different job.

The fascinating Gallup research focuses on the two major factors that influence employee performance – engagement and well-being.  Gallup and Healthways created a Well-Being index to consistently measure and report on levels of well-being.  The 5 areas that most significantly contribute to a person’s well being are: Purpose, Social, Financial, Community and Physical.

Gallup Healthways Well Being Index

These 5 areas are closely related to our instincts as social human beings and are another pointer of the turning tide and strength of the global attitudinal and behavioural shifts being driven by Millennials.

It is forecast that by 2020 Millennials will comprise more than one in three adults, with the growing trend towards a distinct break from past generations behaviour.

Already there are demands on employers to change the purpose and priorities of companies to align with the next generations’ values and beliefs.

The rapid and extensive changes that are taking place simply beg the questions, “how will you attract and retain diverse human talent to help you grow your business?”