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How Yoga Nidra Balances Your Busy Business Brain

What has Yoga Nidra got to do with business?  The answer, in one word… Everything!

People running their own business are thinking a gazillion thoughts a day, juggling so many different tasks and marketing and growing the business it’s difficult to find time to relax and restore balance.

Too often, we hear of someone falling ill with stress related illness and they wish they’d taken it easier.

Your body needs to let go.  It needs to rest and regenerate.  If there is no down time it will tire and eventually burn out.

Growing your business is tiring and there is always something to do.  However, there is a way of calmly growing your business, earning the money you want, without being stressed out.

It’s all about discovering the brain friendly way of business growth.

Yoga Nidra helps your subconscious and brain feel calm and in control; it is the art of non-doing and the practice of transformational sleep.

Grow While You Sleep

If you’ve ever thought growing your business while you sleep would be wonderful, now you can experience it.

At the centre of everything you do your brain plays the leading role.  Often you won’t be aware of the signals your brain is constantly sending to your body giving you precise instructions of what to do in your life and business.  From drinking more water to thinking more consciously to sending out your latest marketing message.

Everything in business is inextricably linked to you, your brain, your thoughts and feelings.  Mastering your thoughts isn’t mind over matter, nor doing even more.  Mastering your thoughts starts with your brain feeling safe.  To do that we have to get behind our thoughts!

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep as it is often called gives you a totally relaxed state where your conscious, subconscious and unconscious meet and rebalance.  Your experience is created beyond the mind rather than you having to think through the mind.

The calming effect of Yoga Nidra allows your mind and brain to refocus and think.

What to Expect

The great thing with Yoga Nidra is you can’t do it wrong and better still, all you have to do is lie down and listen as you are guided throughout the practice.

We are being constantly bombarded with daily stressors.  Yoga Nidra calms your conscious mind by focusing your attention.

If you mind rushes at a gazillion miles an hour, asking your mind to calm in normal meditation or mindfulness is extremely hard.  Yoga Nidra is perfect for busy business minds because your mind is given something to do without you exerting any more effort.


After Yoga Nidra you are likely to feel calm.  You’ll find you have greater concentration and focus.  Any negative or “can’t do” self talk will disappear.  Your breathing will be slower and deeper delivering more oxygen to your brain.  Your intentions will materialise more easily.

In your business you will feel you can focus and plan the growth you’re seeking, certain of your actions and future success.

The more you do Yoga Nidra the more benefits you’ll discover, but let’s take this journey slowly.

Find Out More

When you’re ready to discover Yoga Nidra and how you can feel the benefits in your business please get in touch.  Gail is an experienced business consultant, mentor and multi-faceted holistic practitioner specialising in deeply restorative sessions for busy business people.  The dual approach means she provides solutions for you and your business.