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Err, um, have you ever thought of, err, like, meditating?  Err, it’s really great, well, like, I mean, I really think it’s great.

Crikey, how does that make you feel?  Does it inspire, excite or fill you full of confidence that you should start practicing the single most important technique for mental hygiene we have available?  No, of course not.

Our words matter.  Our language matters.  Our message matters.  Shape your words into a beautiful message before you speak.

Weakening your message with filler words, apologetic phrases and qualifying language seriously affects the success you will have.  How you speak decreases the impact of your words and how people perceive you.

We’ve all done it, “I mean”, got tongue tied, didn’t know what to say and filled our message with “I think”, “ya’ know what I mean” until our mind gets out of panic and back on track.

It’s time to break the old ways that don’t serve you, to co-create new ways to speak confidently, get your message to land with your intended meaning and receive the results and success you deserve.

Here’s my suggestion: say what you mean, and mean what you say.  When you have an important message to deliver, plan it, rehearse it.  Yes, I mean say it out loud.  Say it silently in your mind.  Become aware of your feelings and when you weaken your language.

Be the witness to your own language.  Become aware of how often you weaken your language and give away your personal power.  Do you weaken more in important meetings or in conversations with your boss?  Watch for when you give away your personal power and observe the outcome.  With hindsight did you get what you wanted?

The energy behind words and within sentences is powerful.

It can feel awkward or uncomfortable to say words describing how you feel, or saying what is your heart-felt desire.  Here’s my top tip on how to start speaking with confidence:

Create clarity about what you want, why you want it and what it will mean to you.

Without clarity of thought, feelings and purpose you will find your words becoming apologetic.  Your feelings will feed off someone else’s reaction and you’ll find yourself hiding away and not speaking up.

Now is the time for you to speak up and share your light with the world.  Start speaking with confidence… no more “I think”, “I’m sorry to trouble you” or filler words.

Want to start speaking more confidently and become more mindful of your words and language?  A meditation practice focused on your work, career or business goals helps massively.

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