Have you ever noticed how people with sector specific skills are always busy with their ideal clients or customers?

And, they have fun too!

Saddlers talk horses. Spend time at horse shows, chat to more horsey people and do great business.

Car restorers talk “foo-foo valves” with other car nuts and find the exact part they need for their beloved car.

Everyone is having a great time!

When they’re talking they are giving away free information. They are adding value to their prospective clients lives.

They are helpfully positioning themselves as an authority in their field.

I need to ask you as question {!firstname_fix}…

How much valuable, free information have you given to your prospective clients this month?

Perhaps, blog posts, podcasts or videos which offer useful, valuable information, not veiled selling.

If you use this way of being a helpful, trusted adviser within your niche you build authority and a stream of your ideal clients.