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Whether you think you are a successful business owner or not, you can always improve… right?   And it’s quite easy isn’t it?

Did you think running a successful business is down to a skill only some people are born with?  Something you either have, or you don’t?

Well, the truth is, some people do have more innate ability than others.  But it’s equally true that no matter how much or little of that ability you have, you can improve by studying success  techniques.

So often I hear a story about a wildly successful business person who flunked their exams and despite that they make a success of their life.

And, you’ve got a much greater chance of success when you understand this…

Your Brain!

Now, I’m not suggesting you understand the nuance of neuroscience or indeed take on the role of your own personal guru and neuropsychologist!  But, a good healthy dose of seeing the tricks your brain plays will contribute to your success.

Very simply put, your brain wants to keep you safe.  If it isn’t absolutely, totally and completely sure that you’re not going to run in to a sabre tooth tiger it will endeavour to keep to rooted to the spot.

But that’s counter-intuitive in business.  And very soon two seemingly similar people go their own separate ways one to be hugely successful whilst the other languishes in mediocrity.

So, what’s going on?

Mrs Do’er takes action and gets things done.  Mr Don’ter constantly postpones things, with “good reason” of course.

Over time Mrs Do’er discovers things she wants to do in her business.  Although she doesn’t know “what” or “how” to do something she gets on and makes her projects happen.  She makes a decision to do something and does it.

But, Mr Don’ter thinks something is a good idea, then takes the time to acquire the new habit.  Mr Don’ter agrees with Mrs Do’er a project is a good idea, but he finds a good reason to put off the project and it never gets off the ground.

Over time, Mrs Do’er gains more and more confidence.   She feels stronger and radiates and glows.  She steadily increases her income and becomes more successful.

Mr Don’ter continually fails to get things done because he is rooted to the spot and his brain has taken over.  Somewhere deep inside he is still scared of the sabre toothed tiger.  He loses his self confidence and is resigned to living a life of mediocrity.

Mrs Do’er has discovered the vital success ingredient of taking action.

Be like Mrs Do’er and take action every day and stay successful.

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