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This sounds obvious, but hear me out…

If you want to grow your business, your mindset is more important that your strategy. 

You’ve probably heard how a “fixed mindset” or a “lack mentality” holds back business owners from achieving the results they want for their business and personal lifestyle. 

But asking someone to change their mindset, quite frankly is a waste of time!  Thoughts creep upon us and before we can take another breath we are stuck in circular thinking that takes us nowhere. 

There are lots of hints, tips and tricks to help with mindset, but for me thoughts follow feelings.  Feelings encircle actions.  So, the major shortcut is doing something that changes our chemical makeup and actually alters our feelings.  After many years of studying mindset, feelings and success in business I’ve learned that an enquiring, open, growth mindset starts with being grateful and practicing gratitude every day.

But I’ve got nothing to feel grateful for

I hear you!  But stay with me…

I’m talking here about what the ancient, indigenous populations have known for centuries and what leading-edge scientists have unravelled about how truly connected the mind, body and spirit are.  Of course, my take on this is the interconnected nature of mind, body, spirit and business!

And, it is simply this…

When you practice gratitude it is impossible to feel stress or anxiety or resentment.  It is actually scientifically proven that the neuro-chemicals of stress cannot be created when you practice gratitude.  If stress, overwhelm or anxiety are sapping your time and blocking your business growth one of the best ways to cut through the stuckness is to express gratitude every day. 

Let’s get comfortable with gratitude

Gratitude isn’t something to do when you’ve achieved your growth.  Gratitude and growth go hand in hand.  Gratitude is not complacency or laziness. 

Gratitude is a fast track to motivation, to opening opportunities and to growing your business with a values-driven approach. 

The next time you hear your inner voice mumbling you’ll Be grateful when you Do something and Have something else (Have-Do-Be Mindset), consider empowering the counter-intuitive mindset of “Be-Do-Have”.

How to express gratitude

So, how do you genuinely express gratitude when you think you haven’t got anything to be grateful for.  First, make the decision that you will be grateful – that’s a really great start.  Here are some different ideas you can play with:

  1. Every night just before you fall asleep think about three people or items you are grateful for. 
  1. Every morning before you rise from your bed think about three people or items you are grateful for and smile. 
  1. Each day make a point to really notice your surroundings, reflect and be grateful. These can be simple, every day things, nature or wonders of the world we live in.  If you are really busy, easily distracted, then set an alert on your phone to remind you to do this.  
  1. Journaling can be a wonderful way to take time to pause, think and reflect on what you are most grateful for. Simply start a list and each day add a couple of items.  Before long, you will have a long, empowering gratitude list you can dip in to as a reminder any time you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.  
  1. Create a gratitude jar. Each time you are grateful for something write it on a slip of paper and put it in your gratitude jar.  When you feel negative emotions bubbling up, dip in to your jar, read something you are grateful for, smile at the memory and you’ll be back on track with your growth mindset in no time.  
  1. Gratitude and abundance go hand in hand for me. I often go for a walk and take some bird seed.  I feed the birds, feel gratitude and know the abundance mindset I am creating.  

The key to gratitude practice is to make it your own and enjoy it.  Gratitude isn’t a chore!

Boosting your gratitude practice

When you feel ready to really boost your gratitude practice, consider feeling grateful for your problems.  OK, you’ll probably think I’ve lost it at this point, but…

Without problems we don’t have an opportunity to grow, nor use our brilliant minds to solve problems.  Without problems our clients wouldn’t use our services, so there’s another opportunity to be grateful.  Be grateful for the opportunity to tackle the problem.  Be grateful for your client’s confidence they have in you to solve their problems.  Simply put… no problems, no business! 

Make the shift

This simple shift will help you spend more time focusing on growing your business and less time stressing.  And this will be good for your business, your clients, your health and life! 

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